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What Human Foods Can Your Horse Eat?

8 Human Foods Great For Sharing With Your Horse

What Human Foods Can Your Horse Eat?

As a horse proprietor, canine proprietor, and puppy proprietor generally, I really like giving my animals a style of the meals I’m consuming. When it involves sharing meals with my horse, I’ve found out that my horse enjoys numerous human meals but even so simply apples and carrots. Here’s an inventory of the human meals I to find nice for sharing along with your horse!

*Disclaimer: The specific meals I’ve fed my horses have no longer led to any adverse response in my horses; then again, in case you’d love to understand how those meals may impact your horse, seek the advice of a veterinarian. Another disclaimer is clearly don’t feed your horses those treats in massive amount.*


All of my horses LOVE cheerios, and its a easy and wholesome deal with! I’ve discovered certainly one of my outdated horses along with her nostril in my lunchbox seeking to get to a bag of cheerios I had inside of. They particularly just like the honey-nut taste.


Granola makes a nutritious deal with for horses simply up to it does for people. I purchase the luggage of crumbled granola to present to my horses, however I’m positive it is advisable feed them a granola bar as smartly. Just you’ll want to wreck the granola bar in part ahead of feeding to steer clear of choke.

French Fries

I’m no longer positive what number of equestrians will again me up in this, however horses love french fries. (as discussed above, fed in small amount!) It’s more than likely because of the salt sprinkled around the french fries that make this such an endearing deal with for a horse.

I as soon as took my horse to Chick-Fil-A for a fundraiser and she or he stole a field of french fries proper out of a child’s hand. That’s how I realized that horses like french fries. (This was once the similar horse breaking into my lunchbox for cheerios.)


When I used to be rising up, I might spend on a daily basis throughout the summer time on the barn from sun-up to sun-down. I mainly lived off of the popsicles within the barn fridge. This is once I began giving bites of my popsicle to my horse. It was once a type of plastic tube popsicles, so my horse and I might take turns having a chunk of ice.

Sugar Cubes

It’s no secret that horses love sugar cubes. They love to devour sugar cubes simply up to people like to place it of their espresso. These make a perfect small and attractive deal with in your horse, plus it’s amusing to stack them in a pyramid.


Horses and people alike love peppermint treats. Horses like peppermint such a lot that many oral medicines for horses are masked in peppermint taste.

If you wish to have to feed your horse peppermints, you should definitely acquire the cushy peppermint chocolates. If you feed your horse the exhausting sweet peppermint, the exhausting sweet could cause cuts to the pony’s throat and might motive choke.

Peanut Butter

Did you recognize that the best way they had been ready to make Mr. Ed communicate on that outdated T.V display was once through sticking peanut butter in his backside lip? Horses love peanut butter, and it additionally makes them transfer their lips as though they had been speaking! You can use peanut butter to feed your horse drugs or simply to present them a small deal with. It’s typically an factor in home-made horse treats.


I’ve at all times fed my horses raisins since I will’t stand them. If my mother had packed them in my lunch for the barn, I simply gave them to my horse. It’s mentioned that raisins are nature’s sweet, and horses positive appear to assume so. They’re a quick and simple deal with that your horse will experience.

That that you’ve got your treats picked out, it’s time to take a seat down and experience your horse transfer. Check out our article 18 Greatest Horse Movies (Picked By an Actual Equestrian.)

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