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The Best Horse Quotes

The Best Horse Quotes (Picked By An Actual Equestrian)

The Best Horse Quotes

Horses have lengthy been a supply of inspiration for the sector’s absolute best writers. As a end result, there at the moment are hundreds of significant horse quotes devoted to relaying their attractiveness.

I’ve compiled all of my favourite horse quotes right here. If you may have a horse quote that you simply suppose I will have to upload, please ship me a message!

Without additional ado, listed below are probably the most absolute best horse quotes.

Quotes About Horses and Horseback Riding

“No one can train driving so properly as a horse.”

C.S. Lewis

“The horse. Here is the Aristocracy with out conceit, friendship with out envy, attractiveness with out vainness. A prepared servant, but by no means a slave.”

Ronald Duncan

“No hour of existence is wasted this is spent within the saddle.”

Winston Churchill

“There is not any secret so shut as that between a rider and his horse.”

Robert Smith Surtees

“When your horse follows you with out being requested, when he rubs his head on yours, and whilst you take a look at him and really feel a tingle down your backbone…you already know you might be liked.”

John Lyons

“In driving a horse, we borrow freedom.”

Helen Thompson

“There is not any higher position to heal a damaged center than at the again of a horse.”

Missy Lyons

“For one to fly, one wishes handiest to take the reins.”

Melissa James

“Horses lend us the wings we lack.”

Pam Brown

“When you might be on a perfect horse, you may have the most productive seat you’ll ever have.”

Sir Winston Churchill

“A pony is a adolescence dream. A horse is an maturity treasure.”

Rebecca Carroll

“I’d relatively trip on a Mustang, than in a single.”

BaileyAnn Neal

“Courage is being scared to loss of life however saddling up anyway.”

John Wayne

“I’m nonetheless beneath the affect that there’s not anything alive relatively so gorgeous as a horse.”

John Galsworthy

“There are many glorious puts on this planet, however one in every of my favourite puts is at the again of my horse.”

Rolf Kopfle

“You can see what guy constructed from the seat of an car, however one of the simplest ways to look what God made is from the again of a horse.”

Charles M. Russell

“The crucial pleasure of being with horses is that it brings us in touch with the uncommon components of grace, attractiveness, spirit, and freedom.”

Sharon Ralls Lemon

“The horse, with attractiveness unsurpassed, energy immeasurable and style in contrast to every other, nonetheless stays humble sufficient to hold a person upon his again.”

Amber Senti

“No philosophers so completely comprehend us as canines and horses.”

Herman Melville

“There is one thing about driving down the road on a prancing horse that makes you are feeling like one thing, even whilst you ain’t a factor.”

Will Rogers

“There is one thing concerning the out of doors of a horse this is just right for the interior of a person.”

Sir Winston Churchill

“A horse can lend its rider the velocity and energy she or he lacks – however the rider who is smart recollects it’s not more than a mortgage.”

Pam Brown

“His hooves pound the beat, your center sings the tune.”

Jerry Shulman

“The horse moved like a dancer, which isn’t sudden. A horse is a gorgeous animal, however he’s most likely maximum outstanding as a result of he strikes as though he at all times hears song.”

Mark Helprin, A Winter’s Tale

“…for there is not any different feeling on this planet to match with it if one loves a perfect horse. It provides a thrill that not anything else ever can. It can’t be put into phrases, as a result of phrases can not categorical it.”

Samuel Riddle

History And Horses Quotes

“Wherever guy has left his footprints within the lengthy ascent from barbarism to civilization, we discover the hoofprint of a horse beside it.”

John Trotwood Moore

“Through the times of affection and birthday party and pleasure, and during the darkish days of mourning – the trustworthy horse has been with us at all times.”

Elizabeth Cotton

“A canine is also guy’s absolute best good friend…however the horse wrote historical past.”

Author Unknown

“The historical past of mankind is carried at the again of a horse.”

Author Unknown

Poetic Horse Quotes

“Slippery-smooth rhythmic movement, absolute single-minded objective, movement for the excitement of movement itself. It used
to be horrible in its attractiveness, the flight of the pony.”

Larry Niven, Rainbow Mars

“A horse gallops along with his lungs, perseveres along with his center, and wins along with his personality.”


“You took me to journey and to like. We two have shared nice pleasure and nice sorrow. And now I stand on the gate of the paddock looking at you run in an ecstasy of freedom, realizing you’ll go back to face quietly, loyally, beside me.”

Pam Brown

“And certainly, a horse who bears himself proudly is a factor of such attractiveness and astonishment that he draws the eyes of all beholders. No one will tire of taking a look at him so long as he’s going to show himself in his splendor.”


“A big and liquid eye… the swirl of mud round pounding hooves… those, then, are the photographs that transfer us.”

Author Unknown

Heaven And Horses Quotes

“It is the pony’s present to glue us with Heaven and our personal footsteps.”

Ronni Sweet

“The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.”

Arabian Proverb

“You and your horse. His energy and attractiveness. Your wisdom and endurance and backbone and working out and love. That’s what fuses the 2 of you onto this marvelous partnership that makes you surprise… ‘What can heaven be offering any higher then what I’ve right here on earth?’ “

Monica Dickens

“God forbid that I will have to cross to any heaven wherein there are not any horses.”

R.B. Cunningham Graham

“On the again of a horse you’ll in finding Paradise.”

Stella A. Walker

Unknown Author Horse Quotes

“The horse you get off isn’t the similar as the pony you were given on. It is your activity as a rider to make sure that as ceaselessly as conceivable, the exchange is for the easier.”

Author Unknown

“Riding by no means will get more uncomplicated. You simply recuperate.”

Author Unknown

“He is aware of whilst you’re glad. He is aware of whilst you’re at ease. He is aware of whilst you’re assured. And he at all times is aware of in case you have treats.”

Author Unknown

“One who believes that he has mastered the artwork of horsemanship has no longer but begun to know the pony.”

Author Unknown

“I’ve observed issues so gorgeous they have got introduced tears to my eyes. Yet none of them can fit the gracefulness and wonderful thing about a horse working loose.”

Author Unknown

“A cussed horse walks at the back of you, an impatient horse walks in entrance of you,

however a noble better half walks beside you.”

Author Unknown

“A just right rider can pay attention his horse talk to him. An ideal rider can pay attention his horse whisper.”

Author Unknown

“Horse thou artwork really a creature, for thou fliest with out wings and conquorest with out sword.”

Author Unknown

“At its best, rider and horse are joined no longer by means of tack, however by means of consider. Each is completely reliant upon the opposite. Each is the selfless dad or mum of the opposite’s very well-being.”

Author Unknown

“Date anyone who spoils you, loves you, respects you… and not questions how a lot you spend to your horses.”

Author Unknown

“The international is absolute best considered during the ears of a horse.”

Author Unknown

“When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a big and liquid eye, the query of the place you wish to have to be has been responded.”

Author Unknown

“Ask me to turn you poetry in movement and I can display you a horse.”

Author Unknown

“One will have to suppose when taking a look at a horse in movement, that he hears song inside of his head.”

Author Unknown

“When the Almighty put hoofs at the wind and a bridle at the lightning, He known as it a horse.”

Author Unknown

“A horse within the wind – a really perfect symphony.”

Author Unknown

“Stay clear of a horse lengthy sufficient and also you’ll get started tapping your arms to the beat of a trot.”

Author Unknown

“Half the screw ups in existence end result from pulling in a single’s horse when it’s jumping.”

Author Unknown

Thank you for testing my favourite horse quotes! Here are a couple of extra of my fresh articles chances are you’ll revel in:



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