Sunbeam Snake Care Sheet: What You NEED to Know for a Healthy Pet

Sunbeam snakes or Xenopeltis monochrome (opens in a brand new tab), their binomial nomenclature, are small, black, fossil snakes which might be local to Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately this kind In captivity issues don’t seem to be going properly;; There is a top mortality charge amongst wildly stuck folks and captive breeding has no longer been a success. This is strictly why it’s SO essential that you simply do your analysis sooner than bringing one house.

If you do your homework by way of instructing your self on correct grooming, those black beauties might be the PERFECT puppy snake for any seasoned puppy proprietor keen to investigate the grooming wishes and admire the wishes of a sunbeam snake.

What You Will Learn In This Sunbeam Snake Care Sheet:

  • Background knowledge at the sunbeam snake
  • Where to Buy a Healthy Sunbeam Snake (And What To Look For?)
  • Proper vitamin for every age
  • How to correctly arrange a sunbeam snake case
  • Health Concerns to Consider (and How to Prevent Them!)
  • Tips for dealing with and gluing
  • & So a lot more!

Almost each and every facet of preserving sunbeam snakes differs very much from the necessities of extra commonplace species, to love Ball pythons or corn snakes.

Hence, you wish to have to be keen to take notes and be informed all you’ll to make certain that you might be getting probably the most from your puppy’s sunbeam snake.

From its calls for for low temperatures and top humidity to the want to inspire its herbal digging instincts, this snake has particular housing wishes that can not be overpassed!

Now let’s dive deep into the dialogue of the best way to maintain sunbeam snakes!

Sunbeam Snake background knowledge

Perhaps it is not sudden that sunbeam snakes are named for his or her stunning iridescent colours that shimmer on darkish black and brown scales within the daylight.

Sunbeam snakes are widespread in captivity for one primary reason why: their extremely iridescent, shiny, black colour.

They have a rainbow-like sheen in daylight. Some other folks might also respect how novel a species is.

In distinction to their shiny black again and facets, the sunbeam snakes’ underside is a contrasting mild grey or white. They can also be considered a small species of snake that infrequently grows to a meter in duration.

Aside from their look, sunbeam snakes don’t seem to be best as a captive puppy. They conceal more often than not, are most effective energetic at night time, are delicate to the environmental stipulations in their enclosure and are simply wired. You may also die from being beaten and beaten.

However, those difficulties can also be sexy to any reptile proprietor who has the revel in and is on the lookout for a problem.

The existence expectancy of sunbeam snakes is estimated to be round ten years. However, it’s tough to get a correct estimate as a result of many of the captive specimens have been got rid of from the wild as adults.

These snakes reside of their fatherland, Asia Spend the day in unfastened, wet soil and plant clutter. They pop out at night time to seek their most well-liked prey – small amphibians, reptiles and occasionally mammals.

Despite their rarity and complicated posture necessities Sunbeam snakes and their settings are reasonably reasonably priced in comparison to different sorts of snakes.

This is due partially to their small dimension, their low temperature necessities and their distribution of their wild habitat.

However, you run the chance that the wild-caught animal won’t live on the transition to captivity.

🔑 Sunbeam Snake Background Key Takeaways: Although Not an excellent puppy for everybody because of the stringent necessities of the enclosure, nocturnal nature and tendency to simply relieve pressureSunbeam snakes are a large problem for skilled reptile keepers. Additionally, They and their setup have a tendency to be lovely reasonably priced additionally. These dazzling black beauties come from Asia reasonably small, grows to about three ft (infrequently over 4) and can reside in captivity for approximately 10 years.

Where to shop for a sunbeam snake

Most of the main reptile importers have wild-caught sunbeam snakes on the market.

However, if you happen to order one on-line, you’ll most probably no longer be capable to see the animal you in reality gained till it arrives for your doorstep.

Attending reptile exhibitions or making a different request at your native reptile retailer provides you with the chance to have your animal tested sooner than purchasing it. This does no longer ensure luck and a blooming snake, but it surely lets you visually test the right kind frame situation, parasite load and any energetic infections.

Captive and captive bred sunbeam snakes don’t seem to be simple to search out, however with just a little persistence and numerous digging, you’ll get fortunate.

How to make a choice a wholesome sunbeam snake

In making your alternatives, the most efficient factor to do is grasp and read about your sunbeam snake to ensure this is a wholesome, well-groomed individual.

Try to search out snakes that glance curious and watchful, however also are robust of their actions.

Also, if you’ll, it’s best to discover a sunbeam snake that could be a little plump. Somewhat wider within the center than the tail is perfect.

Also, glance out for probably the most following crimson flags:

  • lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Multiple bubbles
  • Wrinkles within the scales
  • Scale rot

🔑 Sunbeam Snake Background Key Takeaways: If you’ll purchase a snake with out analyzing it first, discovering a provider that sells sunbeam snakes is not too tough. However, this carries the chance of having a ill snake. If you will have to have one It’s easiest to spend the additional time on the lookout for a breeder. If you’ll in my opinion investigate cross-check your snake sooner than purchasing it, assess his energy, power, weight and scale to make sure his well being.

Sunbeam Snake Diet & Feeding

Sunbeam snakes can also be strangely thrilled once they devour in captivity! Their feeding response is so robust they are able to even mistake your finger for a pinky!

So make sure to use protected feeding practices, corresponding to: with feeding tongs.

Prey kind

Sunray snakes have smaller jaws than different identical sized snake species. They advanced to devour the cushy, small amphibians in their humid habitat and the child rodents hidden underground in nests.

Thanks to their robust feeding reaction, they may also be in a position to simply accept frozen, thawed mice in an instant.

If your snake has acclimatized for a number of weeks and nonetheless is not consuming, you’ll odor its meals with a frog or gecko.

How their vitamin varies in response to age

Taking under consideration her subtle jaw anatomy, The most effective issues that modify because the snake grows are the dimensions of the prey and the frequency of feeding.

Young animals can devour small mice, under-adults can maintain fuzzy mice, and adults devour funnel mice.

Feeding time table: how regularly are sunbeam snakes fed?

Take a glance all the way down to get an concept of ​​how regularly you want to feed your sunbeam snake at any age. For reference, the time period “grownup” is used to explain snakes which might be brood dimension and m

Baby Sunbeam Snake feeding frequency

Feed kittens each and every 5 to seven days whilst under-adults devour each and every week. A subadult is a snake this is about 2 ft lengthy.

Adult sunbeam snake feeding frequency

When your sunbeam snake reaches adulthood and perfect frame composition, progressively decelerate the feeding frequency to each and every two weeks.

Also, in case your puppy good points or loses an excessive amount of weight, build up or lower the speed. An grownup sunbeam snake is normally one this is a minimum of three ft lengthy.

🔑 Sunbeam Snake Diet & Feeding Key Takeaways: With a smaller and weaker jaw than different snakes, sunbeam snakes are easiest for softer meals. You will need it feed your younger animal each and every 5-7 days, Your subadult snake weekly, and your grownup snake each and every two weeks. It is advisable Start with reside fuzzy mice for teens and paintings your manner up Thawed or frozen funnel mice in maturity.

Sunbeam Snake Habitat & Tank Setup

Sunbeam Snake Habitat Tank SetupDig enthusiasts, do not be alarmed in case your new sunbeam snake spends maximum of its time hiding in its substrate. So make sure to have a number of inches of substrate in a position for them to adequately quilt every different. Aim for no less than Four inches, with 6 or extra most well-liked.

The peculiarities of the necessities of the enclosure of the sunbeam snake stand out. As with any species, you want a securely lockable lid or door, temperature and humidity gauges, and the power to put in electric heating.

Case dimension

Sun ray snakes keep below a meter lengthy Don’t want a big case. The minimal dimension is roughly 20 “lengthy and 10” extensive. This is similar to a 32-liter plastic bath or a 10-gallon aquarium.

As with any animal A larger house is ALWAYS higherso long as you employ the distance successfully. Most snakes do not like huge, open areas as a result of they are able to lead them to really feel prone. In some way, muddle is easiest.

The top of the case does no longer subject, since sunbeam snakes don’t seem to be recognized for hiking.

Type of housing

Plastic tubs are an excellent housing for this shy, reclusive species. The opaque partitions make your puppy really feel extra relaxed and protected.

They too can mean you can deal with top ranges of humidity, which is very important for this species.

Clear instances like glass and acrylic can paintings, however don’t have any privateness. If your puppy turns out wired from consistent publicity, you’ll at all times quilt some or the entire facets with darkish development paper or cloth.

Another drawback of some of these tanks is that the strainer lids make it tough to stay the humidity top. This can also be fastened by way of overlaying the display screen with one thing forged like picket, plastic, or glass.

Since they’re fossil and simple to emphasise, Sunbeam snakes don’t seem to be an excellent resident for imaginative exhibition terrariums.

That is, until you wish to have to exhibit the decorations and no longer the animal.

Custom picket and plastic enclosures are nice for keeping up top humidity and offering just a little extra privateness than a conventional aquarium, however they’re regularly unaffordable.

Ideal temperature gradient

Bottom warmth is the perfect selection for sunbeam snakes, equipped by way of an under-tank heater, heating pad, heating cable, or heating tape that covers one-third to one-half the duration of the case.

The heating component will have to be powered by way of a thermostat to make sure it does no longer get too scorching. Heat lamps and radiant warmers dry out the air and the bottom.

The thermostat probe will have to be positioned at the heat facet without delay above the heating component within the underground. Set the utmost temperature at the thermostat to about 80-85 levels Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, The objective is to succeed in a low temperature of 70-75 levels Fahrenheit on the different finish of the case.

Hold the thermometer at the heat and chilly ends of the case. Sunbeam snakes don’t seem to be tolerant of the standard top warmth necessities of tropical snake species.

Ideal humidity

High humidity is very important for sunbeam snakes. In their house international locations they’re regularly out and about in damp rice fields.

Low humidity results in mistaken dandruff, respiring issues, and over the top pressure in your puppy.

Keep the ambient humidity of the housing between 75% and 100%.

Also, The substrate on the heat finish can also be stored moderately wet and from time to time swampy. This will lend a hand free up moisture into the air and mimic the snake’s herbal setting.

However, you will have to Always be sure your puppy has a space with a dry substrate to retreat to if you want.


The easiest substrate for sunbeam snakes is coconut, often referred to as coconut fiber. This can also be purchased unfastened or in compressed stones to economize.

The blocks will have to be soaked in heat water to wreck aside. Squeeze out the surplus water sooner than including it in your sunbeam snake’s habitat.

Coconut fiber may be very soil-like and lets you create a damp, swampy setting this helps to keep all the case wet. It additionally Allows your sunbeam snake to digwhich is very important to stay this species wholesome and glad.

Under no instances use a substrate that your snake can’t burrow into. This results in excessive pressure in your puppy.

Other fabrics to make use of or combine into your coconut (take into account your snake should dig):

  • Cypress mulch
  • Sand (lower than 25%)
  • Potting soil
  • Moss.

Maintain a substrate intensity of four to eight inches. This manner, your sunbeam snake can dig in to its middle’s content material.

Decor and equipment

These snakes spend maximum in their lives in underground caverns Don’t want numerous decorations or skins.

However, it can be best to put down a layer of foliage and a couple of plates or rounds of coconut bark that your puppy can rub whilst losing and discover whilst searching. These other scents, textures and new hiding spots are very enriching for any animal dwelling in captivity.

You may also upload a department if you happen to like the appear and feel. Just do not be expecting your sunbeam snake to all at once flip tree-like!

Never use forged stones or decorations. These can cave in into tunnels and caves, doubtlessly crushing your sunbeam snake.

The water bowl will have to be deep and extensive sufficient in your puppy to soak totally, BUT no longer so deep that it can’t break out or drown.

Typically depart your sunbeam snake on my own, however test the water each day or two in case it’s grimy with substrate or feces.

🔑 Sunbeam Snake Habitat & Tank Setup Key takeaway: Sun ray snakes, in contrast to many different species, require a top humidity of 75-100% and reasonably low temperatures, like 80-85 levels Fahrenheit for a heat facet. in addition they MUST have a substrate to dig intoThis makes coconut fiber a very good selection. she don’t want numerous area You additionally don’t want numerous equipment or decor. Actually, A 10-20 gallon plastic container with a big bowl of water works nice!

Sunbeam Snake Handling & Bonding

Sunbeam Snake Handling BondingDon’t let the image idiot you … maximum sunbeam snakes don’t seem to be giant fanatics of the deal! So if you’re on the lookout for a snake that you’ll stay and take out of its enclosure regularly, you would higher glance in other places.

The excellent information is that sunbeam snakes in most cases do not chew. Even if they are attempting, their jaws and tooth are somewhat small for his or her dimension, in order that they won’t even be capable to damage human pores and skin!

Besides that, This species is liable to overtreatment pressure. They simply do not take it rather well. Holding sunbeam snakes is extra of a “glance however no longer contact” state of affairs.

After a couple of months – as soon as your puppy has had sufficient time to settle in, get used to their new house, vitamin, and common consuming – you’ll get started dealing with it. Keep modifying periods brief, below fifteen mins, and a most of 2 to 3 occasions per week.

If you understand your Sunbeam Snake’s habits adjustments firstly of dealing with, cut back dealing with once more or do away with dealing with utterly and settle for your snake’s inherent habits and stressors.

Connect with him all the way through feeding time and watch as he engages in his herbal habits within the enclosure.

🔑 Sunbeam Snake Handling & Bonding Key Takeaways: No giant fanatics of dealing Sunbeam snakes are higher attached to them all the way through feeding time and from a distance. Fortunately, They’re no longer nice bitersSo, if it’s important to take care of them after they have got had time to regulate to you and their new house, you’ll make sure that that you’re going to in all probability no longer get harm.

General well being knowledge of the sunbeam snake

Sunbeam snakes are in peril for lots of the similar illnesses present in different captive snakes: Mites, Respiratory infections, burns from mistaken heating and belching from huge prey or low temperatures.

Because they are so susceptible to pressure, visits to the vet can also be extra destructive than recommended.

It is easiest NOT to incorporate this species for pointless veterinary spa visits or “simply in case” visits. Do your analysis, snap pictures, and keep in touch together with your vet, however at all times stay transportation of this species to an absolute minimal – provided that important to save lots of their existence.

A well being drawback distinctive to this species is one of those micro organism that motive blisters. If you understand bubbles for your snake, it’s crucial that you are taking them to the vet for an good enough process antibiotics.

Knowing about blistering in different species of snakes suggests that you simply will have to cut back the humidity stage to right kind the issue. However, this does NOT practice to sunbeam snakes.

If you cut back the humidity, the strain for your puppy continues and the illness can worsen.

Make positive the substrate is wet however no longer rainy, stay the humidity and temperature at cheap ranges, keep away from dealing with, installed the best antibiotic routine, and your sunbeam snake will have to get well.

The biggest danger to sunbeam snakes in captivity is pressure. Excessive pressure can also be have shyed away from by way of following the tips in this care sheet.

🔑 Sunbeam Snake General Health Information Important takeaway knowledge: Just like maximum snakes, Sun rays are liable to issues corresponding to mites, respiration infections and different commonplace issues that may be have shyed away from in 99% of instances by way of minimizing pressure and correct posture. However, in case your snake feels uncomfortable for a time period, otherwise you see blisters on its pores and skin, a consult with to the vet is in all probability properly definitely worth the effort and pressure it could possibly motive.

Is a sunbeam snake proper for YOU?

Be fair with your self about your expectancies and needs for a puppy sunbeam snake.

Is it simply because they give the impression of being cool and you wish to have a snake to sing their own praises? OR are you in point of fact thinking about caring for one, despite the fact that it approach respecting barriers (i.e. minimum dealing with) that you simply didn’t need?

If you are taking up the problem and acknowledge the imaginable disadvantages, we would like you the most efficient of good fortune for your subsequent journey, the place you deal with this dazzling black wonderful thing about a snake!

If you might be exceptionally skillful and glad, it’s possible you’ll even be capable to discover the secrets and techniques had to effectively breed them in captivity – decreasing the want to take away them from their wild habitat one day!

But particularly Make positive you might have the sources and gear to make sure a correct enclosureThis is your best option to stay your puppy glad and wholesome.

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