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Sexing a Snake: 5 Proven Ways to Tell a Snake’s Gender from Home (Beginner Friendly!)

Congratulations in your new snake! It’s a boy! Wait, no … it is a woman! Actually … who is aware of ?!

You see, many snake homeowners need to learn the way to intercourse their snake, be it for breeding functions or for naming functions (opens in a brand new tab). However, in reality …

Sexing a snake is more uncomplicated stated than achieved!

You see, snakes do not like canine, people, or different mammals. Their hidden reproductive organs make it nearly inconceivable to tell apart males from ladies in response to their bodily look.

Some species have small, vital variations between the sexes. To establish this, a skilled eye is most often required and lots of comparability pictures are studied. Now there are some surefire techniques to resolve your snake’s gender in response to its inside anatomy. However, it’s possible you’ll want to seek the advice of knowledgeable.

Depending on how assured you wish to have to be, let’s talk about the right way to resolve your snake’s gender or make a valid bet.

How outdated does a snake must be to resolve its gender?

Some of the strategies we will be able to talk about can be utilized from the primary day of a snake’s lifestyles and the way the breeder or puppy retailer determines the intercourse of the snake prior to it sells it.

Other strategies (basically the ones in response to look) require that your snake succeed in (or nearly succeed in) adulthood.

Sexual adulthood would possibly range quite between other species, however in most cases falls within the two to 4 12 months vary.

How to resolve the gender of your snake

From most sensible to backside, We suppose much less dependable, beginner-friendly strategies surefire, expert-run strategies of sexing or figuring out a snake’s intercourse.

Size and look variations or sexual dimorphism

This manner strongly is dependent upon the kind of your snake.

Not all forms of snakes display sexual dimorphism or vital dimension variations between the sexes. You will have to resolve which explicit variations observe to males and which observe to ladies in your species, even in those that do it. In addition, sexual dimorphism is most often no longer visual till the snake has reached sexual adulthood.

In pythons, the women folk are quite greater than the men. In anacondas, ladies are about 4.7 instances larger than males! Conversely, in rat snakes the men are in most cases about 14% greater than the women folk.

Some vipers have a similar trait known as sexual dichromatism, or other colours for women and men. European adders are infamous for this selection, however there are different sorts.

Buy tip: If you’ve got selected a species you wish to have to shop for, or if you have already got a snake, do additional studying and picture reviews to determine if the kind of snake you personal has sexual dimorphism.

Anal spores

Freaky deformity or sneaky secret weapon within the decrease proper? Anal spores are in truth no longer. In reality, they’re the stays of hind legs that sure species had hundreds of years prior to evolution began.

This manner of sexing a snake is most often no longer very dependable, on the other hand This comes in handy if you’re handiest on the lookout for an informed bet.

Many Python and Boa species display small “spores” – bony stays in their ancestors’ hind legs.

These appear to be rose thorns and are at the stomach of your snake, at the proper and left aspect of your snake’s sewer.

In maximum species, a person’s spores are a lot greater and clearer than feminine spores. Males use their spores whilst combating with different men, serving to to seize the feminine throughout mating.

Since spores are the stays of the rear limbs, Some snakes have NO visual spores.

Only snakes that experience no longer modified or advanced have this anatomy, like boas and pythons. They do not most often have rat snakes and different colubrids.

As already discussed, this isn’t a particularly dependable manner.

A feminine may have huge spores, or a male may have tiny spores. Just such as you and me, the frame composition of every snake is person and distinctive.

If you might be simply on the lookout for a marker so you’ll not name your scaly friend “it” and get in touch with him “he” or “she”, this is a useful gizmo.

If your purpose is to shop for a male or feminine for breeding functions, do NOT depend only on spores.

Unless unhappiness is your factor …

Tail form

For the skilled eye, this technique of sexing a snake will also be VERY dependable.

However, it takes years of follow and dozens of snakes to persistently and effectively establish a snake’s gender primarily based only on its tail form. If you’ve gotten just one snake or two snakes of the similar intercourse and that is your first check out, you most likely can’t draw any conclusions.

However, should you put a male and a feminine snake aspect through aspect, there’s a transparent distinction within the form in their tails.

T.The reproductive organs of male reptiles are known as hemipenes. Hemipenes are housed internally within the snake’s sewer.

If you take a look at the tail of a male snake, you’ll see the next options:

  • An extended period to deal with the hemipenes.
  • Thicker close to the sewer, then tapers to eight+ subcaudal scales or 2-Three inches, relying at the general period of the snake.

On the opposite hand, a lady’s tail is in most cases:

  • Comparatively shorter
  • Evenly tapered from the cloaca to the end of the tail.

To pop

Popping is most often extra a hit with more youthful and smaller snakes.

Older, greater snakes typically have sufficient muscle tone to stay their organs inside of.

Too a lot drive when popping can injury a snake. It is subsequently preferrred if somebody with revel in displays you the right way to perform this system for my part first.

Banging a snake is completed through exerting company however mild drive at the tail of your snake at the stomach aspect, about 3 quarters of the best way from the cloaca to the end of the tail. Without liberating the pressure, slide your thumb over the snake’s tail in opposition to its sewer.

In males, it will push the hemipenes up and out of the vent. They will come out and appear to be two reddish tubes. Nothing will pop out if it is a lady.

I’ve to copy that this technique will also be destru
ctive if it isn’t achieved correctly

You additionally run the chance of popping a “improper lady”. If the method is finished improper and no longer sufficient drive is carried out, not anything will come out, even supposing this can be a guy.


Testing is the most well liked manner for any medium to prime degree snake holder. If you’ve got by no means attempted this system prior to, It will also be a bonus if an skilled zookeeper displays you the right way to do it.

There also are many YouTube movies that reveal the process.

You will want Buy a package with probes explicitly designed for the implementation of this process. Some other people use other equipment, however that may be unsafe. Fortunately, the probes are reusable indefinitely.

The probe is disinfected, lubricated after which inserted down into the sewer or vent in opposition to the end of the tail at the proper or left aspect.

Please DO NOT attempt to move to the pinnacle of the snake or immediately to the again of the snake.

There is a few resistance the primary time you insert the probe, however you should not want to observe any noticeable drive as soon as you might be inside of.

When analyzing a lady, you’ve gotten entered considered one of her odor glands and you’ll handiest insert the probe to the similar intensity of 1 to 3 sub-caudal scales (decrease tail). You are in one of the most wallet that has a hemipenis in while you read about a person. You can insert the probe with an similar intensity of a mean of 9 to 15 sub-caudal scales.

The drive used to insert the probe will have to be VERY gentleand as soon as it is inserted, you do not have to use a lot drive to search out the top of the hemipenis or odor pocket.

It will also be simple to be squeamish about this system and suppose that this can be a delicate house for a snake.

However, maximum skilled puppy homeowners have indicated that their snakes don’t appear to reply greater than to different procedures that require the animal to be restrained.

It is more secure and extra dependable than popping and is total the most well liked manner of figuring out the intercourse of a snake amongst snake carers.


An ultrasound is surely probably the most foolproof approach to establish a snake’s gender, if a bit exaggerated for the on a regular basis pastime snake proprietor or breeder.

This manner is extensively utilized by huge zoos and animal parks, particularly snakes and different reptiles utilized in a conservation program. Ultrasound gadgets no longer handiest establish the intercourse of the snake, but in addition permit veterinary group of workers and zookeepers to look if a feminine snake is creating egg follicles and the way a ways away they’re.

Some huge snake breeders have known those benefits and acquired a small ultrasound system that they may be able to use for his or her breeding animals and small children.

If you do not want to put money into an ultrasound system and need visible affirmation of a snake’s reproductive device, You too can take your puppy on your native unique veterinarian, who can do the ultrasound for you.

Summary of the right way to intercourse a snake

Now that you’ve the data and experience to intercourse your snake, The subsequent step is to come to a decision which manner is right for you and proceed with the desired steps.

Whether you wish to have to reserve your snake probe package on-line or make an ultrasound appointment along with your reptile vet, congratulations at the upcoming unveiling of your snake’s intercourse!


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