Red-Eared Slider Care Sheet for Raising a Happy & Healthy Turtle

Have you ever been enthusiastic about the lovable little red-eared sliders within the puppy store?

Their curious eyes, their extraordinary willingness to check out to consume EVERYTHING that matches of their mouths, and the smooth method wherein they swim round their enclosure draw in many puppy buyers to the arena of turtle possession.

However, with out most of the people realizing Caring for a red-eared pusher – or a turtle – calls for relatively a bit of a bit of of foresight and making plans.

The excellent information? You have already taken a step in the precise course if you find yourself right here!

Regardless of whether or not you’ve introduced your new good friend house or are making ready prematurely, our complete information to taking good care of red-eared turtles will provide you with the entire knowledge you wish to have.

What you’ll be told on this Red Eared Slider upkeep sheet:

  • Background knowledge on Red Eared sliders
  • Proper breakdown of diet
  • How ceaselessly to feed at any age
  • How to correctly arrange a red-eared slider housing
  • Health considerations to imagine (and save you them!)
  • Tips for dealing with and gluing
  • & So a lot more!

From the correspondingly numerous nutrition to the nice calls for at the enclosure, from common proceedings to helpful equipment, We will center of attention on EVERYTHING you wish to have to understand to maintain your new or long term puppy!

So if you wish to get an intensive working out of easiest deal with a Red Eared Slider, simply stay studying!

Background knowledge at the red-eared turtle

Don’t be fooled through the title … Red-Eared Sliders in truth haven’t any ears, a minimum of now not as we’re used to! Without an outer ear, those turtles depend only on a medium-sized inside ear construction for his or her listening to wishes. They were given their title merely as a result of the typical purple marking, which is positioned precisely the place you need to consider an outer ear.

Owning a turtle like a red-eared pusher could be a amusing and rewarding enjoy. Many seasoned homeowners benefit from the bond and degree of interplay they succeed in with their puppy turtle.

your twenty to 40 years lifespan may be an attraction to many of us who really feel that different pets like canines and cats don’t are living lengthy sufficient.

Their putting yellow and purple markings make for a fantastic aquarium or pond inhabitant in your house.

Although they’re shy at the start like any turtles, maximum red-eared sliders are turning into an increasing number of likeable. They can be satisfied to greet you while you input the room.

Unlike extra loving pets, alternatively, you would not have to fret about emotionally neglecting your puppy turtle.

You can broaden from a bond as briefly or as slowly as you want, as briefly or as slowly as your time table lets in.

Because they’re so not unusual, they aren’t a specifically fragile species. They can face up to a number of temperatures and dwelling prerequisitesa minimum of within the quick time period.

However, as with any ectothermal pets, there are nonetheless supreme habitat parameters that make sure that your puppy flourishes.

Due to their adaptability, red-eared pusher are a few of the absolute best to handle in captivity. However, their environmental wishes are relatively extra refined than that of a tortoise.

Overall, in comparison to different reptiles, their care degree will also be considered as medium. You’re making a good first puppy turtle for anyone who’s prepared to take a position the money and time wanted for right kind care.

Unlike some turtles or even different turtles that may weigh over 100 kilos and will change into virtually two toes lengthy, red-eared sliders stay relatively small. Among the water turtle species which can be in most cases saved as pets, red-eared sliders will also be regarded as reasonable to huge.

Rest confident there are higher Options if you haven’t any area (opens in a brand new tab) for an enormous aquarium.

Hatchlings with purple ears are somewhat better than 1 / 4, whilst adults are between 5 and 9 inches tall on reasonable. Exceptional girls will also achieve as much as 12 to 13 inches!

Because in their substantial dimension and housing necessities, The reasonable value of proudly owning a red-eared slider is MORE than you’ll be expecting to maintain a snake or perhaps a beginner-friendly lizard.

A sufficiently huge aquarium or pond, decorations, lighting fixtures, heating, filtering, and a solar spot simply value loads of greenbacks – a minimum of.

You additionally want a numerous nutrition with plant subject matter in addition to protein and aquarium components to make your water secure.

🔑 Red-Eared Slider remove background key: Red-Eared Slider Turtles are fabulous pets as a result of their being quite simple to handle and personal a protracted lifespan of most often between 20 and 40 years. Though those turtles are costlier than maximum snakes and lizards, they may be able to be relatively reasonably priced after they’re reared. New homeowners must too Expect preliminary shyness together with top setup prices for tanks. Red-Eared Sliders are regarded as reasonable to huge amongst turtles.

Red-Eared Slider Turtle Diet & Feeding

Rotohrschieber and minnowThe absolute best strategy to make your turtle satisfied? Of direction, via a numerous nutrition! You see, Red-Eared Sliders may just best technically continue to exist on pellets, however you possibly can do their our bodies a large downside in case you did not supply them with feed (animal / insect protein), greens and nutrients along with pellets.

Turtle homeowners say they spend between $ 20 and $ 50 a month to feed a red-eared pusher.

This worth will also be break up between pellets, diet and mineral dietary supplements, freeze-dried treats, contemporary fruit, greens and aquatic crops, and are living prey.

Some pieces will also be purchased in bulk to ultimate for months, whilst different portions in their nutrition want to be replenished weekly or a number of instances per week.

What is the nutrition of a red-eared pusher?


Pellets are a realistic a part of the nutrition of a red-eared pusher that you’ll be able to purchase in huge amounts. So are you This is a wonderful strategy to make sure that your slider incorporates a number of nutrients and minerals.

But identical to you and me, turtles are more healthy in the event that they consume a numerous nutrition …

Try to restrict pellets to 25% to 50% of your puppy’s overall consumption. It’s additionally a good suggestion to freeze commercially to be had pellets that your turtle would possibly not consume throughout the subsequent 3 to 4 weeks.

FEEDERS (animal protein)

Live prey are an ESSENTIAL supply of protein, fortification, and workout on your puppy. Rotohrschieber appear to favor this meals team MOST!

Heaven is just about the prohibit on this division – in case you to find it at a puppy retailer to feed any more or less puppy, your turtle can most likely consume it. You too can purchase are living, canned, or freeze-dried feeders.

This class must make up 25% or much less of your turtle’s nutrition.

Here are a couple of concepts …

  • Invertebrates: Mealworms, crickets, earthworms, waxworms, superworms, Tubifex worms, black soldier fly larvae, cockroaches, silkworms, water snails, bloodworms, daphnia, shrimp, krill.
  • Aquatic vertebrates: Goldfish, minnows, red, guppies, tadpoles
  • Rodents: Pinkie and fuzzy mice
  • Grocery retailer: Boiled red meat middle, tilapia fillet, lean red meat, shrimp, rooster

VEGETATION (vegetable meals)

Your red-eared slider has to consume its inexperienced if it needs to be wholesome and powerful – like Popeye along with his spinach!

Most of the vegetable a part of your turtle’s nutrition must encompass floating greens. This method, you’ll be able to depart meals for your puppy’s aquarium that may nibble all through the day with out spoiling the water.

Plant subject matter must make up a minimum of 50% or extra of your slider’s nutrition.

Here are some concepts for superb greens to feed …

  • Vegetables: Romain salad, cabbage inexperienced, mustard inexperienced, carrot tops, endive, chard, kale, bok choy, parsley, inexperienced beans, dandelion inexperienced, beet inexperienced, clover, carrot, pumpkin, candy potatoes, broccoli. Avoid lettuce as a result of its loss of dietary worth.
  • Aquatic crops: Anachris, water hyacinth, water salad, water lilies, Elodia, duckweed
  • Fruit: Apples, melons, mangoes, figs, berries, bananas, grapes, tomatoes, plums, peaches, nectarines. Remove the pits, seeds and seeds.


It isn’t crucial, however it’s This is for sure a bonus and offers you the understanding that you’re feeding your turtle with diet and mineral powder two times per week.

The extra numerous your turtle’s nutrition, the BETTER, however the complement serves as excellent make stronger.

You too can stay a block of calcium or a cuttlebone within the frame of your slider – she or he can nibble on it for an additional spice up of calcium.

How the nutrition varies with age

Baby Red Eared SliderAs will also be anticipated, red-eared child pushers need to consume extra ceaselessly than adults to cater to their rising our bodies. You want a top protein nutrition and must be fed a mix of pellets and animal / insect proteins to verify a balanced nutrition.

Younger red-eared sliders which can be nonetheless rising require extra protein than fully-grown adults.

A tender animal’s nutrition must consist of roughly 75-95% animal proteins, 5-25% pellets and 0-5% plant subject matter.

Once your slider is six months previous, you’ll be able to exchange maximum protein-rich feed with plant subject matter to succeed in ratios of round ≥ 50% plant subject matter, ≤ 25% pellets and ≤ 25% prey.

At this level you must too Be cautious how a lot you feed your turtle. They are keen eaters and weight problems is a not unusual drawback.

Feed your puppy what they may be able to consume in 5 to 15 mins, OR an quantity equivalent to the pinnacle dimension of your slider.

Feeding plan: how ceaselessly are they fed?

You will to find that red-eared sliders, particularly the ones from 365 days previous, are very low-maintenance when feeding.

Actually, They make an excellent puppy for many who like weekend journeys and do not wish to forget your puppy.

Feeding plan for Baby Red-Eared Sliders

Young ear sliders underneath the age of six months must be fed as soon as an afternoon.

Feeding time table for grownup red-eared pusher

At six months, you’ll be able to get started feeding your red-eared pus each and every different day. After the primary birthday, you’ll be able to cut back to a few feedings every week.

🔑 Red-Eared Slider Diet & Feeding Key Take Away: Like people A Red-Eared Slider lives from a numerous nutrition This is composed of pellets, animal feed, crops and preferably meals dietary supplements and nutrients. Owners document reasonable spending round $ 30 a month to feed a turtle. Babies underneath the age of 6 months need to consume day-to-day, whilst the ones 6 months and older can consume each and every different day for as much as a yr. From this level on, foods will also be decreased as much as thrice per week.

Red-Eared Slider Turtle Habitat & Tank Setup

Red Eared Slider Tank SetupA contented and well-stimulated Red-Eared slider can be one that loves his tank. You can lend a hand advertise that homely feeling through including pretend crops, caves, and different equipment for them to discover and enjoy.

The casing of your red-eared slider bears the perfect value of proudly owning turtles. The ultimate grownup habitat can be relatively huge. So you’ll want to have the distance for it – both indoors or open air.

Size of the case

The common rule of thumb is: Provide a red-eared pusher with a minimum of 10 gallons of water for each and every inch of period.

This signifies that a hatchet can get started in a 20 gallon aquarium. Still, An grownup wishes a minimum of a 60 gallon aquarium as much as possibly even a 120 gallon aquarium.

Once once more, These are minimal values. Red-eared pusher are VERY energetic turtles who love to swim all day – You will use (and recognize!) Any more space you give them.

Types of housings

Red-eared pusher can are living in a tumbler or acrylic aquarium, in plastic indoor or out of doors ponds, fiberglass youngsters’s swimming pools, steel garage tanks or even in home made wood housings.

Glass and acrylic aquariums are readily to be hadand there are made lids and stands to carry them. They additionally be offering an optimum view of your puppy turtle.

The different choices are in most cases less expensive and can even give your turtle extra space. However, it will possibly make it tough to look at your puppy.

Wooden and steel housings MUST be provided with a pond liner Holding water with out leaching out chemical compounds.

Ideal temperatures and lighting fixtures

The housing of your red-eared slider will have to even be heated in case you stay it within. Even in case you put the turtle out of doors, further heating must be put in in case you stumble upon an exceptionally cool day.

Keep the water temperature between 76 ° F and 84 ° F. The temperature of the solar spot must be between 82 ° F and 88 ° F throughout the day. The evening temperature can drop as much as 66 ° F. Always observe temperatures with thermometers.

If your room or the out of doors temperature is repeatedly above 75 ° F, a UVB gentle setup supplies enough warmth. If your own home is normally cooler, imagine putting in a submersible aquarium water heater.

UVB gentle development is very importantNot only for further heat, but in addition on your slider to sunbathe, dry, and synthesize diet D3.

ALWAYS arrange a brand new case with warmth assets and thermometers for a number of days prior to you let your red-eared pusher are living in it. This offers you sufficient time to calibrate your warmth assets accordingly and make the essential adjustments.

As quickly as you’ve reached the precise temperature for a minimum of twenty-four hours, you’ll be able to deliver your puppy into its new habitat!

Ideal substrate

The most secure, cleanest and maximum economical substrate for red-eared pusher is NONE! This is referred to as a “naked backside” aquarium. This setup makes cleansing up meals and waste really easy, even supposing there will also be messy red-eared sliders.

Bare-bottom tanks are not very lovely, alternatively. Your turtle might also fail to spot the enrichment of exploring new textures.

If you wish to have further paintings to deal with the substrates and stay them blank, pool clear out sand and boulders are excellent choices. Rotohrschieber love to dig in each substrates and will also use the sand to bury themselves.

Unfortunately, These choices are a bit of tougher to scrub. Sand may be a minor affect record on your turtle, will also be exhausting on mechanical filters, and will purpose anaerobic micro organism to shape.

Under no instances must you employ gravel. Red-eared pusher will also be small rubbish disposal units that attempt to consume the rest they may be able to put of their mouths.

Many turtle homeowners have misplaced their pets because of publicity to gravel.

Ideal humidity

red-eared slider basksRegardless of whether or not they are wild or now not, Red-Eared Sliders like to bask within the solar. This method they may be able to take in sufficient UVB and dry their pores and skin. Therefore, it is important for the well being of your turtle to supply an appropriate position to sunbathe and get out.

Since red-eared sliders are aquatic and spend maximum in their time within the water, You would not have to fret about humidity.

If the sliders pull themselves out of the water onto their sunspot, their shell MUST dry utterly underneath the daylight.

Decor and equipment

Two essential issues will have to be put in within the housing of your red-eared slide valve: a solar spot and a clear out.

A solar or pick-up position serves many essential functions on your puppy …

Be ectothermal, Turtles bask within the solar to extend their interior frame temperature. This is essential for wholesome digestion and metabolism. additionally they Use the pick-up level to permit the outside and pores and skin to dry out utterlythis is required to stop algae and mussel rot.

The solar spot must be immediately underneath the UVB lamp. It must get started on the waterline so your turtle can move slowly on it. There are many choices to be had commercially. You too can get ingenious with driftwood, stones, floating bark, or even plastic pieces like PVC pipes and egg crates.

Rotohrschieber are VERY messy creatures, and They get in poor health if their water remains grimy. For this explanation why, A robust clear out device is essential to VITAL.

Most aquarium filters be offering chemical filtration, mechanical filtration and organic filtration. Turtle holders appear to favor canister filters as a result of their awesome filtration skill.

Hang-on-back filters, also known as waterfall filters, also are an appropriate selection.

The chemical medium for your clear out, in most cases activated carbon, must be modified each and every 3 to 4 weeks.

All spaces of the clear out with the exception of the organic media must be wiped clean each and every month. The organic media must be disturbed as low as conceivable, for the reason that water-purifying micro organism are living there.

You must additionally exchange the water through 25% each and every week to each and every 3 weekswith an aquarium water conditioner to neutralize chlorine and different chemical compounds. All of that is VERY very similar to the care of aquariums the place fish are living.

Your red-eared pusher will even recognize the truth that synthetic crops, caves, boulders and driftwood are added for exploration. These equipment be offering your turtle welcome hiding and enrichment choices.

🔑 Red-Eared Slider Habitat & Tank Setup key to remove: As the costliest element of turtle possession It is essential that you just arrange the housing exactlyand offers (a minimum of) 10 gallons of water consistent with inch of the full period of your turtle (rounding up), daylight and a stain, and a clear out device. Your turtle will too recognize equipment comparable to synthetic crops and caves, in addition to common water adjustments to verify the cleanliness of the water. When it involves tank fabrics, you’ll be able to make a choice from many fabrics. Last, No substrate is easiestYou too can make a selection sand and river rocks, however NEVER gravel.

Red ear turtle common well being knowledge

health concerns regarding the red-eared pusherAlthough many of the Red-Eared Slider’s well being considerations will also be avoided through right kind diet and care, it’s nearly inevitable that your turtle will sooner or later get in poor health. Therefore, you must pay explicit consideration to spaces such because the shell, face and eyes the place the primary indicators of sickness are in most cases maximum obviously visual.

Due to their habitat necessities, red-eared pusher will also be uncovered to a number of sicknesses that require veterinary remedy.

Reptiles are mavens in hiding sicknesses. You must take motion once you understand signs. Diseases can development briefly.

Below are one of the most maximum not unusual well being issues those turtles (and their homeowners!) Can be afflicted by.


Most amphibians and reptiles act as symptom-free carriers of Salmonella micro organism. This in most cases does not purpose any issues on your red-eared slider.

Nevertheless, it ends up in gastrointestinal issues or even hospitalizations in people. Children, the aged and immunocompromised individuals are on the perfect chance.

The CDC recommends now not proudly owning reptiles when youngsters underneath the age of 5 are at house. There isn’t any telling whether or not your turtle is dressed in salmonella. Therefore, you wish to have to scrub your fingers upon getting fed or treated your slider or wiped clean the case.

Respiratory infections

Just like different reptiles, red-eared pusher are relatively vulnerable to breathing infections.

Symptoms of breathing infections in turtles are:

  • Decreased urge for food,
  • Discharge from the nostril
  • Discharge from the eyes
  • lethargy

Your slider even turns out to glide sideways when the overload impacts your sense of steadiness.

If you observed your turtle has a breathing an infection, you wish to have to take it to the vet once conceivable.

If the vet determines that there’s an an infection, he’s going to prescribe antibiotics that are meant to repair the an infection inside per week or so.

Shell purple

Mussel rot is led to through a fungal or bacterial an infection within the turtle shell.

Mild instances start as some degree of sunshine at the turtle shell. In serious instances, portions of the shell can wreck off The an infection can unfold all through the frame (see beneath)..

Severe instances require a talk over with to the veterinarian, however gentle instances can ceaselessly be handled with one from house DIY shell rot remedy.

Shell rot is maximum frequently led to through:

  • Dirty water
  • Shell accidents
  • Improper posture
  • Inappropriate or loss of a spot within the solar.

Treatment through a veterinarian most often is composed of topical antiseptics.

If house remedy does now not paintings or peeling worsens, there’s a chance that the situation will aggravate and development to septicemic cutaneous ulcer illness (SCUD), which will also be deadly.


Brushing a turtle shell with red earsIf there may be algae at the tortoise shell of your turtle, you must let the shell run underneath heat water within the sink and gently scrub with a toothbrush with cushy bristles. Once your turtle is blank, you first want to read about what reasons algae to develop in its enclosure. It is usually a susceptible clear out, an excessive amount of daylight, and so on.

Algae consistent with se don’t seem to be a significant issue, however it’s A excellent indication that your red-eared slider isn’t basking and drying out correctly.

As such, you wish to have Reassess your pickup website online setup and make adjustments that can be useful.

If the algae persist, shell accidents, abscesses or even shell rot will also be hidden. Once you’ve fastened the solar state of affairs, you’ll be able to accelerate the elimination of algae with a cushy toothbrush.

Swollen eyes

This symptom can both be related to a breathing an infection (see above) or, in uncommon instances, with a loss of diet A.

If you give your turtle right kind diet with pellets, a multivitamin powder and plant subject matter, that is the case must now not be an issue. You can suspect a breathing an infection because the offender.

Shell accidents

Red-eared pusher are strangely vulnerable to scratches, scratches, tears and different accidents on their shell. If the wear is minor, you’ll be able to rinse it off with sterile saline and observe povidone iodine.

However, regulate the wound and take your puppy to the vet if it appears to be like worse.


Like people and different animals, Any harm your red-eared slider suffers can develop into inflamed or even purpose an abscess.

If you understand a wound or lump that does not glance higher inside two to a few days, it is time to take your turtle to a veterinarian to regard it with antibiotics and in all probability drain the abscess.

🔑 Red-Eared Slider – common well being key to move: Like another puppy, red-eared turtles will also be at risk of more than a few well being considerations and sicknesses. Mostly, Proper tank setup and diet prevents 99% of issues indexed above. Finally, the homeowners themselves must make certain that turtles, like maximum reptiles, lift salmonella.

Red-Eared Slider Turtle Handling & Bonding

Hand feeds red-eared sliderYou wish to attach for your red-eared slider, however you might be now not positive how? No concern! There are many actions you’ll be able to do together with your turtle, comparable to: B. Hand feeding to advertise binding with no need to wreck it.

Red-eared pusher might be shy for the primary few days or even weeks at house. You will understand this while you watch them swim undercover, once they see you drawing near, and when they are attempting to take care of them, they retreat into their sheath.

Your new turtle can even stay in its shell more often than not for a number of days whilst it adapts.

As quickly because the red-eared pusher learns that you’re the supply of meals, it in any case fortuitously swims to the outside of the water to greet you and ask for meals. It will also apply your finger at the out of doors of the glass or acrylic.

Furthermore, Water turtles do not in most cases recognize dealing with. It must be saved to a minimal, for instance, when analyzing a bodily harm, taking it to a veterinarian, or cleansing the case.

A red-eared slider that feels threatened will also pinch your palms! Finally, because of the salmonella and different germs that they bring, Frequently touching your turtle is solely now not the most productive concept.

Instead, you must to find different amusing tactics to engage together with your turtle. You can train them to reply to their names, sniff new issues, feed them through hand, and take pictures and movies.

If you wish to have a puppy that you’ll be able to take care of very ceaselessly, you must get a turtle or different reptile.

🔑 Red-Eared Slider Handling & Bonding Key Takeaways: Also a captivating puppy in itself, Red-Eared Sliders must now not be treated ceaselessly because of salmonella dangers and their common contempt for preserving. In addition, new homeowners must Expect new Red-Eared sliders to be shy in the beginning. Over time, Red-Eared Sliders will heat up for homeowners who experience actions comparable to educating their puppy their title, feeding them through hand, and introducing new pieces to sniff!

Is a red-eared turtle proper for YOU?

If you’re searching for a amusing medium to huge turtle and you have got the finances to construct a big and cheap tank setup, then the purple eared turtle is a brilliant possibility for you!

Although those turtles are shy in the beginning and now not a great puppy for dealing with, they provide numerous hours of leisure, are fairly simple to handle and provides your own home actual good looks with their crowd pleasing shell colours and wonderful tank buildings!

However, It can’t be overstated how the most important it’s to make sure that now not best the tank setup but in addition the diet involves the purpose. If performed as it should be, each will save you well being considerations over time.

For new homeowners, Setting up the tank early and making sure that each one temperatures are the place they must be can lend a hand drastically.

After all, I’m hoping that you’ve got discovered this red-eared slider upkeep sheet that can assist you get ready for a brand new puppy or explain any questions you now have about your puppy, its enclosure. Etc.

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