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Leopard Gecko Care Sheet: Your One Stop Know It All Guide (Must Read!)

As each reptile fan is aware of, the cute grin of the leopard gecko draws other folks and makes this cute creature well-liked by other folks of every age and with enjoy in reptile care.

This cheeky little lizard is a very good novice lizard (opens in new tab) since they’re Generally docile, smooth to tame, and minimum repairs necessities.

Leopard geckos, sometimes called leos, additionally make Great pets for knowledgeable reptile house owners who’re all for rising atypical colour morphs and patterns!

Compared to different lizards, they’re too a bit bit other than their opposite numbers in her personal elegance (extra on that later).

What you’ll be told on this Leopard Gecko Care Sheet:

  • Background data on leopard geckos.
  • The absolute best position to shop for a wholesome leopard gecko (plus what to search for!)
  • Relative value of a leopard gecko (together with uncommon morphs)
  • Proper diet for every age
  • How to arrange a Leopard Gecko case correctly
  • Health considerations to believe (and the right way to save you them!)
  • Competent pointers for dealing with and gluing
  • & So a lot more!

No subject when you’ve got enjoy in reptile care or if a leopard gecko will likely be your first reptile puppy, This detailed care information accommodates many useful tricks to make sure that your lizard better half leads a contented and wholesome lifestyles for years yet to come.

Leopard gecko background data

Did you realize? There are over 100 other Leopard Gecko morphs with their very own distinctive genetics and colour variation! As with any reptile morph, the quantity you pay will depend on how uncommon and desired a specific species is.

Leopard geckos are small, Ground lizards that comes from the Middle East and India. These lizards typically happen in rock, grassland, and barren region spaces.

you might be nocturnal, in fact, however whilst in captivity they normally surrender their true nocturnal habits and turn into extra lively all through the day, however proceed their top task in a single day.

Leopard geckos Generally do not chew and are sluggishwhat makes them an excellent puppy for inexperienced persons.

⭐️ Fun reality: Did you realize? Leopard geckos will also be vowel lizards, particularly when they’re hungry and do numerous chirping and squeaking. You can see those sounds for your self Here. How candy!

Compared to different lizards, leopard geckos require minimum care and if they’re stored correctly can are living a median of 6 to 10 years. However, male geckos typically are living 10 to 20 years, whilst the oldest recognized leopard gecko grew to become 27!

Leopard geckos are typically a mix of yellow and white and plagued by black dots. Young animals are streaked and progressively trade from stripes to spots.

Although no longer as colourful as some reptiles, Leopard geckos can seem in different other patterned morphs or diversifications. Certain colours are extra fascinating and treasured, whilst commonplace coloring within the wild is instantly to be had and maximum inexpensive.

Leopard geckos aren’t most effective to be had in several colour morphs can come from bloodlines that give a bigger dimension. If a male leopard gecko comes from an enormous bloodline, it could develop nearly a foot lengthy when it’s mature!

Usually, hatchlings measure three to four inches lengthy, whilst grownup women are 7 to eight inches and men are eight to 10 inches.

On moderate a leopard gecko The value can vary from $ 20 to over $ 500 for the uncommon and fascinating colour morphs.

The preliminary value of beginning a residing house with the entire furnishings is round $ 200, as they’re small lizards that do not soak up a lot house.

All in all, Leopard geckos do this Ideal puppy for any individual who is solely beginning to project into reptile care, as a result of commonplace colour morphs are smooth to seek out and really budget-friendly.

🔑 Leopard Gecko background key to remove: Leopard geckos Make nice pets for inexperienced persons and seasoned lizard house owners how. These easy-care lizards are normally docile are living to be between 6 and 10 years previous in jail. The prices are normally inexpensiveMost of the funding is for the acquisition of the lizard and the status quo of its habitat.

Where are you able to purchase a leopard gecko and what will have to you be careful for?

Experienced lizard house owners agree that there’s no higher position to shop for a leopard gecko than from a credible breeder! This is particularly true when you’ve got set your center (or will have to I say eye?) To a stupendous and uncommon morph just like the Diablo Blanco proven above.

Leopard geckos are one of the crucial well-liked reptile pets and are to be had in puppy retail outlets It is absolute best to shop for geckos from a credible breeder.

Either seek on-line for a leopard gecko with superb scores, transparent pointers, and wholesome animals, or consult with a neighborhood reptile display to peer various geckos which are on the market in particular person.

When opting for your new leopard gecko Look carefully on the tail as it may be a key indicator of total well being.

Ideally, your new leopard gecko …

  • Got a tail this is plump and fats, ideally as large or wider than the distance between the shoulders of the gecko
  • Do you have got eyes, nostril and mouth that seem transparent with out visual discharge.
  • Have a vent (a gap for urination and bowel actions) that looks blank and no longer swollen.

Captive-bred leopard geckos are to be had at puppy retail outlets. at reptile presentationsand on-line by means of breeder web sites.

On the breeders’ web sites, you’ll to find out concerning the geckos they provide to shop for and seek their shares to seek out the easiest addition to your house.

Breeders additionally be offering a lot more distinctive and wider colour morph diversifications than what you’ll to find in puppy retail outlets. However, those uncommon colour adjustments can value you properly over $ 500.

If you might be simply beginning out and aren’t all for a posh morph, then this can be a top of the range, properly groomed puppy with The standard colour development for leopard geckos prices between $ 20 and $ 30.

Wherever you purchase your leopard gecko, First, sparsely take a look at your new puppy for indicators of well being issues.

While it may be tempting to save lots of the ill lizard and take a look at to stay it wholesome, you might have heartache and heavy veterinary expenses.

Instead, make a selection the healthiest gecko you’ll to find from a credible supply, and you can have an entertaining better half for many years yet to come.

🔑 Leopard Gecko buys vital takeaways: If you purchase a leopard gecko, you have got the solution to pass to a puppy retailer or discover a respected breeder (beneficial). When opting for a lion, you’ll Make certain it is wholesome by way of on the lookout for 1) a tail this is plump and fats, 2) no visual discharge across the space of ​​the eyes, nostril, or mouth, and three) a blank and non-swollen opening.

Diet and feeding pointers for leopard geckos

Leos are loopy about a mixture of juicy worms and crickets. In order to supply your Leo with the optimum vitamins that it wishes for the THRIVE, ensure that all bugs you be offering are “properly loaded”. Find out extra about this vital feeding methodology and different skilled pointers by way of studying beneath!

Leopard geckos are Insectivores that feed on crickets, waxworms, mealworms and superworms.

Wax worms are top in fats, so that they will have to most effective be fed as a praise The major vitamin will have to consist principally of well-loaded and dusted crickets (extra on that quickly).

When breeding geckos, you’ll feed a tiny little mouse to a feminine breed for added energy and fats. However, those meals are absolute best have shyed away from with puppy geckos, as they may be able to briefly turn into overweight too briefly if overfeeded.

When you feed your leopard gecko, put your puppy in an empty tank. These lizards generally tend to snap their substrate, particularly sand, when fed of their same old habitat. That’s why, Sand is absolute best have shyed away from on your gecko’s enclosure to forestall it from bouncing.

Depending at the age and dimension of your leopard gecko, you’ll be expecting to spend between $ 15 and $ 30 a month to feed your puppy various crickets, worms, and appropriate dietary supplements.

Components of a Leopard Gecko Diet

Although you realize that leopard geckos feed properly on crickets, Make certain the bugs are there properly loaded sooner than feeding your lizard.

In essence, which means the crickets or worms that you just feed will have to be fed a nutritious meal 24 hours sooner than being fed in your leopard gecko so your puppy can get those vitamins as properly.

Before you be offering a meal in your leopard gecko, you will have to too Coat the bugs with a calcium and diet D3 preparation. This methodology of coating bugs is ceaselessly known as “dusting”.

To do that, position the crickets or worms in a ziplock bag with a bit powder added. Shake the bag briefly to coat it, then use your lizard to drop the bugs into the tank.

⭐️ Dusting vs Gut Loading Simplified: Dust off This actually refers back to the means of coating the frame of a meals insect with calcium or a multivitamin powder of your selection after which feeding it immediately in your puppy reptile. In distinction, load properly refers to feeding bugs with more than a few vitamins that briefly fill their gastrointestinal tract. These bugs are then fed in your puppy, which can in the end ingest the nutritious combination.

Young animals and younger animals want the calcium and diet preparation with each feeding, whilst adults most effective want it with each different feeding.

In addition to retaining your lizard’s feed dusted with calcium and diet D3 dietary supplements, stay a small bowl of calcium dietary supplements (without or with diet D3 dietary supplements).

This guarantees that their calcium wishes are met to avert various well being issues that result in weight reduction and bone injury.

Leopard gecko vitamin by way of age

As your leopard gecko grows, it could combat greater prey and consume extra meals on the similar time. A basic rule of thumb for feeding your leopard gecko is: be offering two correctly sized bugs in line with inch of lizard duration.

For instance, a 6 inch gecko will have to be presented 12 crickets in line with feeding. To make a choice huge bugs to your lizard, Choose meals which are not than your gecko’s head.

How ceaselessly you feed your leopard gecko


Juvenile leopard geckos want to be fed a number of crickets day-to-day. If your gecko is a toddler Let your puppy consume up to it could inside of 10 mins every day. As your gecko grows older, you’ll prolong feeding to each different day.


If vital, Adult leopard geckos can skip a number of days between feedings, however maximum gecko house owners be offering a meal each different day.

Be certain too Remove the non-eaten crickets after 10 to 15 minsor put your gecko again within the commonplace habitat to stay the enclosure blank and save you the crickets from bothering your gecko.

🔑 Leopard Gecko Diet key to remove: Are leos Insectivore, this means that their vitamin is composed of a mixture of juicy worms and crickets. Remember Load and dirt your feed bugs with calcium and diet dietary supplements. Offer two correctly sized bugs in line with inch of lizard duration and alter their feeding frequency with age. Finally, all the time make a selection meals which are not than the top of your gecko.

Leopard gecko habitat and tank setup

A cheerful (and wholesome!) Leopard Gecko is one that has numerous stones, tree trunks and identical components in his enclosure that he can play and climb on.

Size of the case

Unlike every other reptile species Leopard geckos will also be housed in combination. Fights and different dangerous habits amongst leopard geckos are unusual except the men are housed in combination.

Avoid conserving male leopard geckos in combination to steer clear of damage between your pets.

The basic laws for housing leopard geckos are as follows:

  • A 10 gallon case is sufficient for small children, whilst an grownup wishes 20 gallons. An enclosure this is too huge can pressure your leopard gecko. Therefore, build up the habitat dimension as your lizard grows.
  • A 15-20-gallon tank could also be big enough for 2 grownup leopard geckos, then again There will have to most effective be one guy in line with habitat.
  • Ideally, upload 10 gallons in your tank dimension for every grownup gecko. For instance, 3 grownup geckos – two feminine and one male – will have to have a 30-gallon enclosure.
  • Be warned If you set female and male geckos in combination, it’s possible you’ll quickly have small children on your hand. In reality, you’ll have as much as six egg clutches a yr, so small children can briefly overrun you if you do not promote them!

Remember that it’s too A good suggestion to have a separate enclosure the place you’ll feed your leopard gecko.

These little lizards are generally tend to swallow substrate with their mealthat can reason impairment.

Once your puppy has completed consuming, merely put your gecko again within the commonplace enclosure.

Type of housing

As with maximum reptiles, glass aquariums are one of the crucial well-liked enclosures. You can simply to find previous aquariums which are leaking so fish house owners can promote them for inexpensive and Glass aquariums are perfect habitats for leopard geckos.

Alternative, You can construct your self and construct your personal housing Use of wood body housings with glass or plastic doorways that let smooth get right of entry to.

No subject which housing sort you select, make sure you use a display screen most sensible to stay your gecko’s habitat on the perfect moisture degree by way of permitting evaporation.

Ideal temperature gradient

Because leopard geckos come from barren region spaces within the Middle East, they thrive absolute best in a heat, dry local weather.

An perfect daylight hours solar spot from 88 to 92 levels Fahrenheit will also be made by way of a sub-tank heating mat.

Avoid the use of warmth lamps as those may cause burns and visible disturbances to the delicate eyes of the leopard gecko.

Let the thermal gradient at the cool facet of the case drop to round 75 levels Night temperatures drop to 70 to 75 levels.

If you employ a heating mat below the tank with a thermostat, you’ll achieve this Make certain the ambient temperature remains above 70 levels, with a toast heat scorching spot from 88 to 92 levels.

Ideal humidity

So those lizards are a barren region lizard You do not want an overly humid atmosphere like amphibians.

However, If the humidity is simply too low – beneath 20% – your leopard gecko could have issues losing its pores and skin.

A The perfect humidity is between 30% and 40%. This is very similar to the humidity in your home.

Since the humidity is identical, a most sensible of the display screen in your puppy’s enclosure along side a warmth supply will have to stay the surroundings quite dry.

Be certain too Monitor the habitat with a hygrometerand make the humidity as wanted.

⭐️ Pro tip: An vital tip for the care of your leopard gecko is that you just care for it ensure that damp pores and skin. This pores and skin lets in your lizard to shed its pores and skin safely and easily. Discover precisely how to do that and extra correctly by way of studying beneath!

How to create a rainy coat …

  • Buy or make a cave taste cave
  • Place the moisture-storing substrate in it. Substrate choices come with paper towel, soil, coco hummus, or vermiculite. However, the most well liked choices are sphagnum or peat moss.
  • Moisten the skin to permit smooth peeling of the surface, then again Avoid oversaturation in order that there’s no mould.
  • Change the skin every so often to forestall the formation of micro organism.

Keep the humidity on this damp pores and skin between 20% and 40%. Higher humidity may cause your leopard gecko to broaden a bacterial an infection.

Lighting necessities

Leopard geckos are lively at evening and maximum lively at evening and don’t require numerous UV gentle.

In the wild, they typically get their UV lighting fixtures wishes from the minimum daylight at break of day and sundown. A small quantity of UVA and UVB lighting fixtures keeps your puppy wholesome.

Your leopard gecko will want it Incandescent lamps to mimic herbal daylight. Provide 14 hours of sunshine in line with day in summer time and scale back to 12 hours in wintry weather.

If your sub-tank heater does not supply sufficient warmth to satisfy the eel temperature necessities, you’ll use a warmth lamp to supply each an eel space and lightweight. However, since leopard geckos are nocturnal, You would possibly want to use an infrared warmth lamp to give you the right kind warmth with out disrupting herbal habits.


Leopard geckos generally tend to consume sand when consumingTherefore, they will have to no longer be stored on a sandy floor except you feed your puppy in a separate enclosure.

You can Play it protected and entirely take away sand and different unfastened substrates out of your lizard’s habitat, because the absorption of sand can result in an intestinal blockage, the removing of which would possibly require surgical operation.

Also steer clear of picket shaving to your gecko’s habitat because the oils contained within the shavings will also be frustrating.

Suitable substrate choices come with:

  • Paper towels and newspaper. Both are absorbent and smooth to switch, which minimizes the danger of bacterial contamination.
  • Non-adhesive shelf linings. Offers an inexpensive, easy-care possibility that lasts longer than paper towels or newspapers.
  • Tiled flooring. While this isn’t the very best means, it’s by way of a ways the most suitable option for a long-term floor with regards to cleanliness and sturdiness if the tiles will also be lower to suit the case.

Clean the cage on website online as soon as an afternoon to take away fecesThen blank all of the case completely as soon as a month. Disinfect the cage and the equipment and substitute the skin with recent subject material.

Decor and equipment

Is hiding

To stay your leopard gecko satisfied and wholesome, It is beneficial to have 3 separate skins within the case– scorching pores and skin, cool pores and skin and damp pores and skin.

I. The scorching fur. The scorching pores and skin lets in your lizard to retreat to digest its meals or calm down and take in the warmth on the most sensible of the temperature gradient.

II. The cool fur. While cool pores and skin is not important, it is great to present your lizard a spot to search for coverage and to chill off when wanted.

III. The damp pores and skin. Damp pores and skin can double as cool pores and skin, as a result of if you happen to put your damp pores and skin at the scorching facet of your case, the moisture evaporates at top warmth. The damp pores and skin will have to all the time be positioned on the lowest finish of the temperature gradient of the tank and be supplied with a moisture-storing substrate to advertise smooth detachment.

Plants and rocks

While your leopard gecko’s skins supply lots of the safety had to leisure and peel the surface, residing or synthetic vegetation additionally be offering vital alternatives to cover.

Since Leopard geckos don’t consume vegetationLiving vegetation will have to be protected together with your lizard, however they may be able to build up humidity and are extra messy to scrub. Artificial vegetation be offering a super selection and lovely inexperienced in your puppy’s enclosure.

Rocks and tree trunks additionally be offering amusing actions and the chance to transport round to your leopard gecko.

Make certain those items aren’t too top and haven’t any sharp edges as your lizard can’t climb properly with out sticky foot pads.

🔑 Leopard Gecko Enclosure Key Takeaways: Leopard geckos should not have huge habitats and will do properly in a 20 gallon tank (for grownup leos). When it involves temperature and humidity, it’s The perfect gradient features a day solar spot of 88-92 levels Fahrenheit, which shifts to about 75 levels at the cool facet and a humidity between 30-40%. Finally, all the time come with components for enrichment and 3 separate skins– scorching pores and skin, cool pores and skin and damp pores and skin to lend a hand with dandruff.

Leopard Gecko General well being data

Avoid the commonest well being issues in Leos by way of making sure that you’re on the proper temperature and humidity and that you just supply a sufficiently healthy diet. Examine your conduct for issues on the first signal of sickness!

Metabolic bone illness

One of essentially the most critical sicknesses that may impact leopard geckos is metabolic bone illness. Just like people, geckos get ill if they do not have sufficient calcium and diet D of their vitamin.

Similar to bearded dragonsMetabolic bone illness (MBD) reasons painful deformities of the backbone and limbs.

Signs of MBD in leopard geckos are:

  • Slow motion
  • lethargy
  • Progressive weight reduction because of spongy jaws and lack of ability to consume
  • Tremble

This illness will also be corrected by way of diet D injections and the management of liquid calcium. A protracted-term remedy plan comprises good enough calcium and diet D3 supplementation.


Like different lizards, Malnourished leopard geckos residing in a cage with inadequate moisture can broaden dysecdysis.

Dysecdysis, which seems like dry pores and skin, reasons the gecko Difficulty losing and would possibly impact imaginative and prescient. If the humidity is simply too low, the temperature is cool and there’s a loss of to be had furnishings for rubbing, Your gecko can dangle again pores and skin spots.

If the eyelid pores and skin is preserved, your puppy can have imaginative and prescient issues. The tip of the tail and palms can turn into necrotic and die if the surface does no longer loosen and the stream is particular.

If you understand that your leopard gecko is having hassle losing – this will have to take about an hour or two to finish – position your lizard in a shallow water bowl to extend the moisture.

Bowel impairment

Leopard geckos can ceaselessly have an intestinal dysfunction if they’re saved on wrong surfaces equivalent to sand or small gravel.

These lizards would possibly consume their substrate if their vitamin is calcium poor, their meals is positioned at the improper substrate, or they know about their atmosphere and by chance consume sand or gravel.

Signs of impairment of your leopard gecko are:

  • Swollen abdomen
  • constipation
  • Loss of urge for food
  • lethargy

If you watched your gecko is affected by an impairment, your veterinarian can take an x-ray to decide if one thing is caught after which give directions or lend a hand to transparent the blockage.

The The maximum not unusual well being issues of leopard geckos are led to by way of fallacious temperature and humidity values ​​and insufficient diet because of deficient diet.

At the primary signal of sickness, read about your posture conduct carefully for issues.

🔑 Leopard Gecko General Health Key takeaway: Like all reptile species, leopard geckos are at risk of various well being considerations. Fortunately, you’ll lend a hand Prevent them from affected by a weakened immune gadget and getting ill by way of making sure that their vitamin and habitat are spot on.

Tips for dealing with and gluing leopard geckos

Did you realize? It is understood that leopard geckos “drop” their tails after they really feel threatened, stressed out and even grabbed by way of the tail. It will also be surprising to peer this for the primary time. It is vital to not panic. In reality, the lack of that exact a part of the frame is commonplace (referred to as an autotomy) and is in reality a protection mechanism in different types of gecko, which is maximum not unusual in more youthful geckos.

When you carry your leopard gecko house for the primary time, Give them a couple of weeks to settle in.

They typically tolerate a specific amount of touch, then again Don’t overdo it or your leopard gecko would possibly get stressed outparticularly initially of your courting.

When he is threatened, your gecko will in fact amputate his tail A sluggish taming and bonding procedure is absolute best. The new tail starts to develop in a couple of days, and it takes roughly 3 to 4 months to totally develop. However, the brand new tail might not be as stunning as the former tail.

Always take care of your leopard gecko sparsely Avoid grabbing it by way of the tail. Support all of the weight of the lizard by way of hanging your hand or arm below your stomach.

Leopard geckos are perfect pets for inexperienced persons and are a super lizard to introduce other folks to reptiles as a result of they transfer slowly and infrequently chew. In addition, her cute grin and candy chirping are specifically pretty!

🔑 Leopard Gecko Handling & Bonding Takeaways: Don’t be shocked in case your new Leo is to begin with shy and far away. Give your Leo time to settle in his habitat sooner than you maintain him. Notice, Any excessive pressure will lead them to drop their tails. With a bit time and endurance, to not point out the proper ways (see above), you and your puppy are certain to make a detailed connection that can take many years!

Is a Leopard Gecko Right for YOU?

If you might be on the lookout for an easy-care reptile with a cheeky persona available on the market, you have got come to the proper position with the leopard gecko.

These adorable little lizards are superb pets for inexperienced persons and excellent partners for breeding reptile enthusiasts to provide uncommon colour morphs.

I am hoping so The repairs sheet has given you the data and self assurance to take just right care of your new Leopard Gecko.

Over time, your leopard gecko will hook up with you and greet you with a chain of twittering and squeaking grins for consideration and a meal.

If you might be on the lookout for a brand new reptile to welcome into your house, you simply cannot pass improper with a leopard gecko.


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