How to Sex a Bearded Dragon INSTANTLY (& Tell Their Age!)

Whether you’ve not too long ago followed a brand new bearded dragon (opens in a brand new tab) or skilled the delivery of a bunch of younger animalsOne factor is bound, you might be almost certainly a minimum of a bit curious tips on how to sext a bearded dragon!

And whilst this can be a little tricky for brand spanking new house owners to determine, figuring out the gender of a bearded dragon is beautiful simple as soon as what to search for …

With a number of bodily variations between women and men, you’ll be stunned to be told how Even probably the most delicate bodily characteristics can resolve whether or not your puppy is male or feminine!

Just learn directly to learn how to sext a bearded dragon AND how previous it’s!

How to sext a bearded dragon

When it involves tips on how to sext a bearded dragon, You wish to imagine quite a lot of bodily AND behavioral traits.

Recognizing those characteristics is the BEST (to not point out least expensive) technique to inform the gender of your beard – no pricey x-rays required!

So in case you are interested by tips on how to determine the gender of a bearded dragon, please imagine the next:

How to sext a bearded dragon Step 1: search for hemipenal bulges

This representation obviously presentations the place to search for hemipenal bulges. If provide, they run parallel to the strict and will have to be at once above the vent. They may also be so long as indicated within the image or shorter. In the case of a feminine bearded dragon (proper), there may be as a substitute a unmarried bulge that appears extra like a bump over the hole.

When it involves figuring out the gender of a bearded dragon, the very first thing to do is to search for hemipenal bulges.

The hemipenal bulges point out the presence of a HemipeneThese are interior male intercourse organs which might be commonplace in reptiles. In a male bearded dragon, you’ll understand two hemipenal bulges above each and every aspect of the bottom of the bearded dragon’s tail.

If the bulges don’t seem to be in particular glaring, gently rotate your kite back and forth to test for shadows.

You too can moderately (and I imply moderately) carry the tail up somewhat to look if this is helping make the hemipenal bulges stick out a bit extra.

In a girl, the bulge is extra targeted between the highest of the tail and the highest of the hind legs. A unmarried, moderately sticking out bump this is targeted signifies a girl.

How to sext a bearded dragon Step 2: Try the flashlight take a look at

Bearded dragon sex flashlightIf you take a look at this image and now what to do about hemipenal bulging, are you able to inform which bearded dragon is a person and which is a girl? When unsure, a flashlight nearly at all times is helping to make even the apparently non-existent bulges visual. Oh, and for those who suspected the male was once at the left, you had been proper!

This subsequent step in figuring out the gender of a bearded dragon merely extends the former step …

Basically, if you are having bother noticing / discovering the hemipenal bulges, you’ll take hold of a flashlight and mainly let it shine throughout the dragon’s tail.

In a male, you will have to understand two elongated testicles which might be formed like a “U”, and in a feminine, it is extra of a field form for her uterus.

Pretty cool proper?

How to Sext a Bearded Dragon Step 3: Look on the dimension of the femoral pores

Thigh pores of the bearded dragonIn this image you’ll obviously see the thigh pores of this male bearded dragon. You will in finding those little spots at the underside of his thighs run from knee to knee.

Femoral pores are glands discovered at the within the thigh of sure forms of lizards and amphibians.

In bearded dragons, femoral pores secrete pheromones, maximum recurrently throughout their mating season.

And whilst each women and men have thigh pores, the ones of a male bearded dragon have a tendency to be a lot more pronounced and noticeable.

To find the femoral pores, take a look at the ground of the legs. You will have to pay shut consideration to the ground of the thigh or above the knee because the pores of the thigh run from knee to knee.

How to Sext a Bearded Dragon Step 4: Look at their conduct

Though now not as correct as a gender, and undoubtedly able for far hypothesis …

Some house owners and experts consider that you’ll as it should be constitute the gender of a bearded dragon in line with practice their conduct.

For instance, bearded dragons that showcase black beard It is thought that they’re much more likely to be male, whilst feminine bearded dragons are those who workout extra Waving arm.

Especially in case you are questioning tips on how to inform the gender of a bearded dragon, you most likely wish to stick to the primary 3 strategies.

How to intercourse a child bearded dragon

When it involves tips on how to intercourse a bearded child dragon, the method is not that simple. You see, to resolve the gender of a bearded dragon, You have to attend till they’re a minimum of Four weeks previous.

And positive, you’ll believe … however truthfully it is only a 50/50 likelihood of being proper.

Now, some other folks declare that you’ll inform the intercourse as soon as a dragon is round eight weeks previous, and this may also be true below the suitable cases, corresponding to when a reptile professional is concerned.

However, Typically, you’ll have to wait as much as five to six months so to make dependable and trained guesses about gender.


Well, it was once at this level that the frame of a bearded dragon started to turn extra noticeable indicators of hemipenal bulging.

Now you might be able to decipher the gender five to six months in the past, particularly in case you are a seasoned proprietor or breeder.

However, Most first time house owners can maximum obviously resolve gender across the 6 month mark, give or take a month.

Determination of the age of the bearded dragon

Bearded dragons growth rate by ageNot positive precisely how previous your Bearded Dragon is? Do now not concern! Consult the graphic above for a coarse concept of ​​what age crew it’s possible you’ll fall below.

With all of the communicate of getting to attend about 6 months to determine the age of a bearded child dragon, you’ll be questioning …

“How previous is my bearded dragon?”

If this sounds such as you, you’ll at all times get an estimate of the age through having a look on the overall period of your beard.

In truth, I’ve created a useful infographic (above) to help you estimate the age of your beard in line with its period!

However, you’ll use greater than a bearded dragon’s frame period to get an concept if he is sufficiently old to be sexually handled.

Ask your self the next 2 questions that will help you resolve in case your Bearded Dragon is a minimum of 6 months previous and able for intercourse remedy.

1. Is your bearded dragon a minimum of 10 inches lengthy?

If so, chances are high that they’re 6 months previous as that is generally the shortest that the HEALEST 6 Month Dragons will measure.

Now, A greater indication that your bearded dragon is a minimum of 6 months previous is when it measures 14-15 inches. This is a extra conventional period for bearded dragons of this age.

2. Does your bearded dragon weigh a minimum of 200 grams?

Baby bearded dragon weightAs with all residing issues, a wholesome, rising bearded dragon reaches sure weight milestones because it ages. Most 6 month previous bearded dragons will have to weigh neatly over 200 grams, however as a baseline imagine this to be absolutely the lowest weight conceivable.

On the small aspect, Bearded dragons through 6 months of age usually weigh a minimum of 200 grams, give or take.

A more fit and bigger bearded dragon will most likely weigh greater than 230-260 grams at this age.

Please observe that The above weight and period standards are NOT particular and there’ll after all be bearded dragons that experience those sizes neatly 6 months in the past and even a lot later.

However, those measurements are merely what you’ll be expecting from a 6 month previous bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons alternate gender?

As a reptile proprietor and educator, it isn’t unusual for me to be requested about gender variations between sure species. And from time to time I’m requested whether or not or now not bearded dragons can alternate their gender.

As loopy as it’ll sound to a few of you, the questions don’t seem to be that bizarre!

You see, for those who’ve up to now bred reptiles or have ever come throughout them on a National Geographic channel, you might already be acquainted with temperature-based sexing.

For the ones unfamiliar with it, temperature-dependent sexing is the concept that a reptile’s intercourse is made up our minds now not simplest through chromosomes, but in addition through the temperatures round them at dangerous phases of building.

Actually, Scientists in Australia have even confirmed that through expanding the temperature throughout incubation and reworking differently genetically functioning male Bearded Dragons, that of feminine Bearded Dragons.

To resolution the questions, “Can Bearded Dragons alternate intercourse?” For the time being, the unilateral resolution is “sure”.

Men can turn into feminine throughout early building, BUT girls can’t turn into male.

Should I’ve a male or feminine bearded dragon?

If you might be searching for a Bearded Dragon and are questioning, “Should I am getting a male or feminine Bearded Dragon?”, Then you simply know …

General day by day grooming is similar for women and men. And whilst many will let you know that men generally tend to have extra persona, the primary variations you’ll see come from the other reproductive organs that may reason women to put eggs and men to act thankfully throughout the mating season.

As for whether or not a feminine or male bearded dragon is best for you, this is a excellent concept to first find out about the reproductive variations between the 2.

You see, a girl can turn into gravid with out intercourse. This signifies that Her lovable little blameless female virgin beard can STILL lay a couple of eggs yearly.

And will have to she have to put her eggs? Well you need to Take particular precautions to verify she is wholesome right through the method and has what she must get the task carried out safely.

In phrases of male friskiness, You can be expecting your male bearded dragon to get extra excited and competitive throughout the mating season, generally overdue spring and summer time.

This arousal ends up in further head actions, black beards, or even aggression. It too can lead to him putting the actions on close by unprotected socks, crammed toys, or different susceptible pieces.

He may additionally have one thing known as a “Sperm plug” You would possibly wish to soak it in a heat bathtub to take away it.

How to sext a bearded dragon abstract

So there you’ve it! These are simply a number of the techniques during which you’ll resolve the gender of your bearded dragon.

Now, remember the fact that the visibility of hemipenal bulges and femoral pores, in addition to conduct patterns, range from dragon to dragon. This signifies that the above ideas don’t at all times practice and will have to due to this fact be made out of salt with no sure grain.

Hopefully through now you now not simplest know the way to sext a bearded dragon, but in addition have an concept of ​​which intercourse is right for you (for those who haven’t followed it but!).

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