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How Much Do You Know About Dobermans?


Doberman is one of the intelligence, powerful, alert, and muscular dogs, that’s why they mostly become guard dogs. Since they are energetic, they need lots of training.

Though they are suitable to be a watchdog, they are obedient and loyal. But they are also willing to defend its owners from any attacker without fear.

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    Where did Doberman Pinscher originally come from?

    • Scotland
    • Germany
    • England
    • Canada

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    What is the average height for Doberman Pinscher?

    • 21 – 23 inches
    • 23 – 25 inches
    • 25 – 27 inches
    • 27 – 29 inches

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    What is the Doberman Prone disease?

    • Heart failure
    • Cancer
    • Ear problem
    • Skin problem

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    What is the MOST suitable Doberman’s Task?

    • Herding dog
    • Sport dog
    • Lap dog
    • Guard dog

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    Which of these following is the LEAST personality of Doberman

    • Loves to cuddle
    • Love cold
    • Great with children
    • Aggressive

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    Why does Doberman need to be properly trained?

    • To prevent aggressive behavior
    • To be a sport dog
    • To be a guard dog
    • To be intelligent

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    How long is Doberman average lifespan?

    • 7 – 10 years
    • 10 – 13 years
    • 13 – 15 years
    • Above 15 years

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    What is the meaning of “pinscher”?

    • aggressive
    • A German word for ” dog “
    • Terrier
    • A dog whose ears and tail are usually cropped

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    Doberman is named after someone. Who was it?

    • Carl Dobermann
    • Mike Dobermann
    • Louis Dobermann
    • Chris Dobermann

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    Which of these following is NOT Doberman’s working roles?

    • service dogs for the blind and disabled
    • Police and military dogs
    • Search and rescue dogs
    • Guarding dogs


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