Do Horses Have Fur? 

07 Aug Do Horses Have Fur? What You Need to Know Do Horses Have Fur?  Fur, hair, wool – why are there such a lot of names for the coats of horses and different animals? While some folks think that it has to do with the duration of the coat, that is merely now not … Read more

380 Native American Indian Horse Names with Meanings

Source: NOYA: Cherokee: “Sand” KOKYANGWUTI: Hopi : “spider lady at middle-age” KOSA: Cheyenne: “Sheep” SONOMA: Miwok: “flooring position” KACHINA: Hopi : “spirit, sacred dancer” ETHETE: Arapaho: “Good” KAMALI: Mahona: “Spirit Guide” DENA: “valley” TAIGI, TAINI: Omaha : “returning moon” WENONA: “firstborn daughter” SHADA: “pelican” CHU’MANA: Hopi : “snake maiden” AHAWI: Cherokee: “Deer” SIHU: Hopi … Read more