Can A Tortoise And A Hedgehog Live Together?

If you’ve already were given a tortoise or a hedgehog you may well be questioning in case you purchased the opposite more or less animal whether or not they may percentage amenities and prevent some cash in relation to putting in house for them. Maybe, they may also be pals? Well, let’s see.

Can a tortoise and a hedgehog are living in combination? Tortoises and hedgehogs are not going to are living in combination very easily. Tortoises are most often solitary creatures. Hedgehogs are extra social, however they may well be in peril from the salmonella that many tortoises lift. Overall, the environments that those two animals require are relatively other so it’s an actual problem for a tortoise and a hedgehog to are living in combination.

Let’s take a look at those problems just a little deeper and spot how, in case you in point of fact wish to, you need to organize having each pets in the similar house.

Can a tortoise and a hedgehog live together? -
Can a tortoise and a hedgehog are living in combination? –

Tortoises and Hedgehogs Living Together: The 4 Pros & Cons

There are 4 problems that may affect your resolution to permit your tortoise and hedgehog to are living in combination:

Pro: Tortoise Food vs. Hedgehog Food

One space in which there’s not going to be any reason for fear is within the space of nutrition. A tortoise is basically a vegetarian. (Unlike turtles that are totally omnivorous via comparability). They should be consuming a nutrition which is more or less 80% greens.

Tortoises love kale, dandelions, inexperienced pepper, darkish leafy vegetables, and so on. they are able to additionally devour fruit which is the place round 20% in their energy will have to come from. They specifically experience melons, grapes and apples (however now not the seeds as they’re toxic!). They too can devour commercially designed tortoise meals and experience some reptile dietary supplements.

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Hedgehogs, then again, have no interest in greens. They’re insectivores. Their nutrition will have to be top in protein and whilst they’ll devour just a little vegetable at the facet, they flip their nostril up at virtually the rest that isn’t both top in sugar or top in protein.

Thus, you gained’t to find hedgehogs and tortoises competing for meals. This is clearly a favorable step in the proper route.

Con: Hedgehogs and Tortoises Prefer Not To Share

Tortoises are nature’s loners. They don’t even have a tendency to hang out for extraordinarily lengthy after their younger have hatched. The simplest time you’ll see tortoises getting in combination is when they’re *ahem* getting in combination to make extra tortoises.

You will to find that they steer clear of contributors of their very own species each time imaginable and the concept they’d search out the corporate of every other species is solely in the market. Two male tortoises are assured to start out preventing.

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Hedgehogs would possibly appear to be pleasant little fellows, however they too are relatively solitary creatures within the wild. They discover and forage via themselves and in the event that they spend an excessive amount of time in each and every different’s corporate, they try.

It is price noting that hedgehogs are now and again raised in combination in captivity and they are able to get alongside so long as they’re raised with each and every different from start, another way, they gained’t tolerate each and every different.

But hedgehogs would like to not percentage with different animals too.

So, one step ahead however two steps again. These animals aren’t all that desirous about their very own sort and are a lot much less so on different animals.

Can a tortoise and a hedgehog live together?
Can a tortoise and a hedgehog are living in combination?

Con: Tortoises Can Carry Salmonella

This, for us, is the large deal breaker in relation to tortoises and hedgehogs sharing house on an everlasting foundation.

Tortoises can’t lend a hand it however in not unusual with many different reptiles and, specifically, turtles. They can harbor the salmonella circle of relatives of micro organism. These micro organism are living within the intestine of your tortoises and to the tortoise, they’re totally non violent passengers.

They will are living with the salmonella inside of them for his or her complete lives and not get in poor health from it.

This can’t be mentioned of your hedgehogs. Now, given the truth that your tortoise and your hedgehog are mainly going to forget about each and every different a salmonella an infection of your hedgehog isn’t assured but it surely turns into an increasing number of most likely the extra time they spend in each and every different’s corporate.

As with all mammals, if a hedgehog will get a salmonella an infection it may well turn into very in poor health. It would possibly vomit and be afflicted by diarrhea. If this continues for lengthy sufficient it’ll turn into totally dehydrated and die.

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The chance, as we are saying, is small on an informal touch foundation however through the years, we predict it turns into a close to sure bet that your hedgehog gets in poor health from being close to a tortoise.

Con: Hedgehogs Can Attack Anything

Hedgehogs actually have a nasty addiction of attacking and biting issues at random. It’s a part of their herbal playful attraction and as a rule, which means that your hedgehog is simply being itself.

We suppose it’s not going, thoughts you, {that a} hedgehog can seriously harm a tortoise even though it rolls up right into a ball and the tortoise prods at it. But even a small minimize or wound on a tortoise can turn into a significantly inflamed space.

It’s now not that your hedgehog and tortoise are going to enter struggle regularly, however it’s one thing of a chance and it’s one we’d choose to not take.

Hedgehogs Are Better For Tortoises Than Dogs (Or Cats)

One factor that we really feel responsibility sure to show is that whilst a hedgehog and a tortoise don’t seem to be ideally suited partners as you’ll see from the breakdown above, they’re nonetheless higher partners for each and every instead of a canine or a cat can be.

Dogs continuously chow down on tortoises and whilst they are able to play well with a tortoise for years with none problems. They too can alternate in a single day and unexpectedly your tortoise’s buddy as a result of his client.

It’s perfect to not permit canines and tortoises to occupy the similar house with out conserving an overly shut eye on them. Nobody is aware of what it’s about tortoises that drives canines loopy but it surely does occur the entire similar.

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Cats are slightly higher but it surely’s a good suggestion to understand that as a natural carnivore, a cat’s simplest objective is to seek and even if they’re enjoying, they could also be a little rougher than your tortoise can care for.

In specific, cats would possibly chew or scratch your tortoise in this kind of method that the injuries get inflamed. However, if a cat proves itself to be wholly faithful within the corporate of your tortoise it’s probably not to switch its thoughts at a later date, both.

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The Best Option For Hedgehogs And Tortoises

OK. So, we’ve established that hedgehogs and tortoises shouldn’t percentage a house. They’re simply now not constructed for it and there’s a significant chance that your hedgehog may get in poor health in the long run. However, that doesn’t imply that you just shouldn’t stay each hedgehogs and tortoises.

Nor does it imply that you just shouldn’t permit the 2 animals to spend a while with each and every different. What it does imply is that you just will have to in moderation organize interactions between the 2, with protection in thoughts.

Managed Interactions

If you could have a big safe house outdoor, there’s not anything mistaken with permitting the 2 to wander round in it in combination every now and then. You will have to stay an in depth eye on them to make certain there’s no preventing (not going) however another way allow them to get on with it.

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What you shouldn’t do is try to drive an creation between the 2, the tortoise, specifically, won’t take this the proper method and it might reason them a bout of serious tension and may even result in a battle.

We don’t suppose it’s a good suggestion so they can combine indoors. Why now not? Well, we’re again to that salmonella chance. When a tortoise poops indoors, it may well’t be educated to make use of a clutter tray, so it simply is going the place it needs to move. This isn’t any giant deal in case you briefly blank it up, usually, since you gained’t be consuming your dinner off the ground.

Your hedgehog may even though if a delectable insect wanders throughout the house and that implies it may catch salmonella even though the ground is now blank seeming to the bare eye.


Can a tortoise and a hedgehog are living in combination? Not in point of fact, no. It’s now not that we don’t perceive the the reason why it’s possible you’ll wish to stay two attention-grabbing pets in the similar house – it’s that the 2 lead very other lives.

The greatest fear, in fact, is the danger offered via tortoise’s wearing the salmonella micro organism which may infect your hedgehog and make it in poor health and even die.

That’s to not say you’ll’t take a look at a while in combination in a extra controlled interplay, however we’d be expecting the end result to be the tortoise ignoring the hedgehog as perfect it might.

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