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Blue Tongue Skink Care Sheet: A New Owner & Beginner MUST Read!

As probably the most flexible puppy reptiles, Blue Tongue Skinks make superb pets (opens in a brand new tab) for novices and complicated herpetologists alike.
Blue Tongue Skinks are smooth to take care of and be offering a wealth of persona. They could make it more straightforward for an green reptile proprietor to maintain a singular puppy or pose a breeding problem for knowledgeable homeowners.
These creatures can hatch eggs of their our bodies, amputate their very own tails in an emergency, and are one of the most few reptile species ready to acknowledge faces and take into account voices.
With a blue tongue skink on your menagerie, You will NEVER lose interest if you’re repeatedly amazed by way of this interesting little creature!
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What you are going to be informed on this article:

  • Background data on Blue Tongue Skinks
  • Where are you able to purchase a wholesome blue tongue skink (and what will have to you be careful for?)
  • Cost of a blue tongue skink
  • Proper vitamin and dietary supplements for every age
  • How to correctly arrange your residing house
  • Health issues to imagine
  • Tips for dealing with and gluing
  • & So a lot more!

If you don’t seem to be positive whether or not a Blue Tongue Skink is a great addition for your family or if you wish to be informed extra about the benefits and drawbacks of taking good care of this sort of beauties, you may have come to the suitable position.
After you will have incorporated this complete Blue Tongue Skink care sheet, you can pass away with EVERYTHING you wish to have to grasp to create the easiest house in your new friend, or to take your skink’s care to the following degree.
Let’s dive in finally of this!

Background data on Blue Tongue Skink

Ah, that stunning lengthy blue tongue! Did you realize? Can the tongue of a blue tongue skink in fact mirror UV radiation and be used to discourage predators? This is one among their herbal protection mechanisms that they depend on within the wild to stick alive.
Do you take into account your first come upon with a Blue Tongue Skink?
They had been most likely interested in the original electrical blue tongue, the flickering and oddly small legs that energy a formidable frame.
Blue Tongue Skinks are interesting creatures, now not handiest in look but in addition in persona. GAn excellent-natured and easy-care Blue Tongue Skink is a brilliant puppy for everybody.
Before you greet such a captivating reptile in your home, take a minute to be informed concerning the wild roots of the skink.

Natural habitat

These mild, social creatures come from the semi-desert, blended woodland and scrub areas of Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania.
They choose dry or semi-dry climates in desert-like ecosystems and spend a lot in their time hiding within the sand or below tree trunks.
Two of the most typical sorts of pets are the northern ones, Tiliqua scincoides intermediaand Irian Jaya, a clean T. scincoides.
Some Blue Tongue Skinks are grown locally, however many are imported from Indonesia and New Guinea.
Unlike some lizard species, Blue Tongue Skinks are terrestrial as a result of their brief legs and powerful our bodies are extra appropriate for digging and digging within the flooring than residing in bushes.
Pet skinke Make your self relaxed in enclosures that supply hiding from other people and numerous house flip over to steer clear of scratching the outside.
With just right care those reptiles can are living a minimum of 10 to 15 years, with some exceptionally wholesome skinks which are as much as 20 years previous or older. After attaining grownup dimension, a skink can measure between 18 and 24 cm lengthy, particularly if this can be a Nordic selection. Other Blue Tongue Skink traces are smaller and would possibly handiest succeed in a bit of over a foot.
Regardless of the number of skinks you select – I like to recommend the Northern Blue Tongue Skink, as a result of it’s exceptionally tough and smooth to maintain.
Although it will have to be famous A complete setup can price virtually $ 1,000.
Ideally, your skink will have to have a big enclosure in a 60 gallon aquarium with a minimum of 40 gallons. Pin the substrate, warmth lamp, hiding position, meals, and the price of the skink your self, and the prices upload up temporarily.
Northern Blue Tongue Skinks would possibly price simply $ 150-250, whilst color-intensive or uncommon species like Centralian and Shinglebacks can price between $ 1500 and $ 5000.
If you have an interest in breeding uncommon species or distinctive colours, your preliminary skink setup is also considerably costlier, however the payoff is precious while you greet those creatures in your house.

🔑 Blue Tongue Skink background key to remove: Blue Tongue Skinks come from semi-desert areas of Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania make massive pets because of their gentle disposition. They love to dig and Best in enclosures wherein they may be able to transfer simply and conceal from other people.

Where are you able to purchase a Blue Tongue Skink?

Ask an skilled reptile proprietor and he’ll let you know that it’s higher to undertake than purchase! If you purchase your skink from a breeder, you’re a lot more prone to get a wholesome puppy.
Because those distinctive reptiles are specifically standard pets amongst novices lizard homeownersThey are continuously bought in native puppy shops.
However, I strongly counsel that you just as an alternative do a handy guide a rough Google seek for Blue Tongued Skink breeders close to you or read about within sight reptile shows in your long term puppy.
The reason?
Simply put, industrial puppy shops are infamous for now not correctly taking good care of their reptiles and informing new homeowners about the way to maintain them. If you keep on with a credible breeder, you’ll make sure that your puppy is wholesome AND you handiest get the most productive imaginable data in the case of grooming.
In addition, maximum breeders are glad to respond to any questions or issues that rise up after adoption. This precious data assist you to steer clear of a expensive travel to the vet or worse if it’s a must to say good-bye to a ill child.
On the disadvantage, wild stuck skinks are continuously loaded with parasites and most likely sicknessesEradication will also be time eating and dear. So keep on with captive-bred skinks.
Indonesian skinke will also be wild imports, whilst Australian skinke are normally bred in captivity as a result of Australia has strict natural world export laws.

What to search for when purchasing a Blue Tongue Skink

Before purchasing, take a look at the skink’s well being moderately to verify your new puppy is wholesome and disease-free.
When inspecting your doable new skink, take a look at for the next indicators of excellent well being:

  • Active and attentive
  • Interested within the space
  • Absence of scars, dandruff or wounds
  • Ideal frame weight with out sticking out hip bones or backbone
  • The abdominal will have to be blank, without a discoloration or damage
  • Mouth and nostril will have to be blank and include no effervescent secretions
  • The mouth is freed from pus and the gums are a wholesome red
  • The frame will have to be company and with out kinks
  • The jaw will have to be robust and now not gummy or cling open
  • No lumps on or below the outside
  • All 5 feet are provide and the tail is undamaged
  • The eyes will have to be transparent, without a haze or discharge
  • No mites and ticks
  • Clean the air flow space with out caking

The tank will have to even be blank, with enough room, ok meals, hiding and lighting fixtures. The supplier, whether or not breeder or puppy store, will have to have the ability to solution any questions you may have concerning the skink, akin to: B. age and standard vitamin.

Blue Tongue Skink prices

When on the lookout for a blue tongued skink, it is necessary that you just first make a decision why you wish to have a skink.
If you are simply on the lookout for a puppy, a northern skink works effectively as a result of it is robust, docile, nice for novices, and on the inexpensive finish of the spectrum. These species will most probably price between $ 150 and $ 250.

Cost for a blue tongue skink

However, as a sophisticated skink proprietor, if you are extra all in favour of breeding uncommon colours, you will be on the lookout for hundreds of bucks for uniquely coloured and patterned lizards.
Wherever you purchase your skink, Go over the vendor along with your intestine feeling.
If the tank is grimy and the skink seems to be ill whilst the vendor is pushing you to shop for, pass to a wholesome lizard with a supplier who will solution your questions.

🔑 Buying key takeaways for Blue Tongue Skink: If you’re on the lookout for a Blue Tongue Skink, you will have to indisputably accomplish that Pay particular consideration to their disposition and look to verify they are wholesome. It may be higher if you are going to buy from a breeder than from one commercially Pet store. The identical applies to wildly stuck skinks, which will have parasites. Expect round $ 200 in your skink whether it is purchased thru a credible breeder.

Blue Tongue Skink vitamin and feeding tips

Although there may be not anything improper with a deal with once in a while, you wish to have the vast majority of your grownup Blue Tongue Skink’s vitamin to encompass leafy vegetables. However, the occasional berry does not harm, because the fortunate man above would undoubtedly say!
Blue Tongue Skinks are omnivorous and require each are living animals and crops to stick wholesome. These lizards handiest consume right through the day and are not looking for a lot once they develop up.
The Most of your skink’s meals price can be in offering appropriate assets of protein. While you’ll percentage the hen or turkey you could consume, you’ll additionally purchase little mice, crickets, and mealworms to best off your lizard’s protein wishes.
The Another a part of their vitamin comprises contemporary greens and greensthat may be taken from your individual meals.
Baby and adolescent skinks consume extra continuously and bigger quantities than adults, then again Food prices will have to nonetheless be fairly low irrespective of the age of the skink.

What can a blue tongue skink consume?

The best possible technique to stay your Blue Tongue Skink wholesome is to supply a variety of meals, rotating merchandise, and animal protein assets to make sure an entire vitamin.

To produce

The majority of the vitamin – 45 to 60% – will have to be inexperienced. Dark leafy vegetables are a very good meals supply for blue tongue skinks and will also be mixed with numerous vegetables and fruit.
Skinks consume virtually any fruit or vegetable, and you’ll put those meals on their menu:

  • Mustard inexperienced
  • Kale
  • Dandelion inexperienced
  • Collard Greens
  • Peas
  • Green beans
  • Corn
  • To squeeze
  • Cucumbers
  • zucchini
  • Green paprika
  • endive

Fruit will have to now not make up greater than five to 10% in their vitaminand will include mangoes, papaya, apple, melon, blueberries, honeydew and blackberries.
Flowers like dandelions, hibiscus and nasturtiums are every other deal with that may be given now and again.

Animal protein

If you feed your bluetongue skink, the protein portion of the vitamin, basically center of attention on feed bugs. Insects loaded with intestines supply your skink with the suitable vitamin and be offering workout alternatives.
Occasionally, you’ll feed uncooked or boiled eggs, in addition to lean, cooked meat.
The following are positive for protein:

  • Pinky mice
  • hen
  • Turkey
  • grilling
  • Mealworms
  • Snails
  • Royal worms

Vitamin and mineral dietary supplements

Lightly mud your bluetongue skink’s meal with a calcium carbonate preparation that does NOT include phosphorus or diet D simply sooner than feeding your grownup lizard. Repeat this procedure two to 3 instances per week.
Calcium dietary supplements will have to have a minimal calcium to phosphorus ratio of two: 1.
Avoid Products that include diet D as this may end up in toxicity. On days while you don’t seem to be supplementing with calcium, a separate multivitamin complement will also be introduced a couple of times per week.
Offer “well-loaded” bugs, or bugs which were fed calcium-rich meals for a number of days, sooner than feeding your puppy. This calcium-rich vitamin can come with a industrial cricket vitamin, cereals, or a protein-rich child cereal blended with reptile nutrients or darkish leafy vegetables.

Avoid meals

When feeding your bluetongue skink, steer clear of the next as they’re poisonous:

  • Lightning insects
  • Monarch butterflies
  • Centipede
  • be loopy

Also steer clear of citrus culmination, avocados, eggplants, onions, spinach, garlic, rhubarb and canned meat.

Bluetongue Skink Diet by way of Age

Hatchlings get their protein and effort from their egg and soak up the yolk of their abdominal right through construction. She gets this egg yolk for the primary few days after beginning.
After the egg yolk is used up, hatchlings hunt and seek for meals and feed on adults.
Young skinks consume extra prey than adults. As a teenager close to maturity or on the age of 12 months, the protein requirement drops in order that the goods could make up about part of your lizard’s vitamin.

How continuously you feed your blue tongue skink


Baby skinks below five months of age will have to consume on a daily basis with a fasting day. Provide as a lot meals as a toddler eats two to 3 instances an afternoon to advertise right kind expansion and vitamin.
Remove meals that has now not been eaten inside a couple of hours of consuming to steer clear of spoilage.
Young skinks elderly five to 10 months will have to be fed each different day.


Adult bluetongue skinks over 10 to 12 months handiest want to consume about 3 times per week.
Generally, an grownup skink will have to be introduced one to 2 tablespoons of meals each and every time they’re fed.

🔑 Blue Tongue Skink Diet key to remove: Blue tongue skinks want each protein and greens as a staple in their vitamin. While young children and youth want a high-protein vitamin and are fed day by day till each different day, adults have the benefit of a vitamin this is wealthy in leafy vegetables and will handiest be fed a number of instances per week. Regardless of age, All Blue Tongue Skinks will have to get a calcium complement a number of instances per week.

Bluetongue Skink Habitat and Tank Setup

When it involves the casing of a Blue Tongue Skink, assume: “The larger the easier!” Skinks like to have enough room to run round and conceal. So goal for an enclosure of AT LEAST 60 gallons. Ideally larger if you’ll find the money for it.
As with all reptiles A blank and correctly maintained habitat is very important in your puppy’s well being. Your bluetongue skink would possibly endure with the improper floor, a housing this is too small or the improper humidity.
Fortunately, the next assessment incorporates all of the key parts which are vital in your lizard’s habitat to make sure its protection and well being.

Size of the case

Even in case you get started with a toddler or a tender skink, they temporarily succeed in maturity and want a higher residing house …
Avoid purchasing a couple of case sizes and Stick to at least 60 gallon aquarium to verify your lizard suits as an grownup. Skinke, then again, have massive spaces within the wild and would Appreciate a case as massive as you’ll find the money for or are compatible in your house.
Remember that too The top of the housing will have to accommodate a hood for putting a heating componentHowever, since bluetongue skinks are terrestrial, they don’t have a excessive enclosure for mountain climbing apparatus.
If you may have a couple of skinks, even supposing they’re breeding companions, Each skink MUST have its personal housing to steer clear of fights and accidents. These are unmarried animals that may best possible be housed by myself.

Type of housing

A tumbler tank with numerous ground house is perfect in your bluetongue skink. As a lizard You want house to cover at the groundas a result of they don’t climb just about up to different lizards.
Glass tanks also are preferable since the glass simply permits warmth switch to and from the tank.

Ideal temperature gradient

In the herbal habitat of a bluetongue skink in a desert-like ecosystem, temperatures differ and feature a spread that will have to be replicated of their enclosure.
A temperature A slope of 75 to 88 levels Fahrenheit is perfect, with a Sun space of ​​90 to 100 levels is perfect. Thermometers at each and every finish of the case are really useful to make sure that the right kind temperatures are reached for a “cool” and a “heat” aspect.
A sub-tank heater with a warmth lamp works effectively within the solar space to reach the right kind temperature gradient. Avoid the usage of electrical warmth stones, as these things can short-circuit and burn your lizard.
Daylight lamps will have to be switched on for a most of 12 hours in keeping with dayThis could cause the cooler finish of the case to drop to 70 levels at evening. Light bulbs with brilliant white gentle stimulate job and urge for food. Therefore, transfer off the sunshine bulb right through the day to have time to relaxation.
You will have to additionally steer clear of the usage of a coloured heating lamp as an evening gentle at evening. Your skink wishes white gentle ONLY right through the day. No colours ever.
don’t disregard that Your bluetongue skink wishes UVB gentle to provide diet D3 in its pores and skin, which is the most important for the absorption of calcium. A excessive output of 10 to 12% UVB tube gentle is the BEST choiceas a result of tube gentle is awesome to a gentle bulb.
Choose a tube that covers 50 to 70% of the period of your lizard’s casing, and purchase a hood with a reflector to maximise potency and let it scatter the sunshine higher. A UVB gentle will have to stay on for eight to 12 hours an afternoon and will also be changed with different lighting fixtures.
You additionally need to Replace the UV lamps each six months.
You may even take your skink open air when temperatures exceed 75-80 levels to dip in some daylight, so long as you are taking care to steer clear of overheating.

Ideal humidity

As with some other reptile, tracking the humidity within the casing of your Blue Tongue Skink is VITAL to make sure that they keep wholesome. Too excessive humidity may end up in a number of well being issues, e.g. B. respiration infections (see underneath).
Each form of Blue Tongue Skink wishes rather other ranges of humidity. So let’s talk about the preferred puppy – the northern bluetongue skink.
Northern Blue Tongue Skinks want a humidity between 35 and 45%whilst different species would possibly want excessive humidity guidelines. If your humidity is simply too excessive, it may end up in pores and skin or respiration infections because of bacterial expansion.
To get an entire image of the humidity on your lizard’s enclosure, Place two or 3 hygrometers over the extremes within the temperature gradient. If you wish to have to extend the humidity, put a big flat water bowl within the case.
Bluetongue Skinks love to dip in water, however are dangerous swimmers. So be certain your lizard comes out simply.
If you wish to have to decrease the humidity within the case, be certain the water bowl is at the cool aspect to steer clear of fast evaporation.
The proper air flow and the suitable floor actually have a nice affect at the air humidity. Therefore, make a selection an appropriate floor for skinks with a blue tongue within the north to steer clear of over the top humidity.


When it involves the best substrate for blue tongue skinks, you may have a sensible choice!
The following substrate is perfect as a ground overlaying for any skink housing:

  • Filtered aspen picket shavings
  • Cypress mulch with out components
  • Reptichip
  • newspaper
  • Sugar cane mulch

Avoid cedar chips, clay cat muddle, walnut shells, sand, gravel or corn cobsas a result of they may be able to motive respiration infections, pores and skin infections or gastrointestinal blockages.
Detect blank spaces across the water bowl and removal space day by day to take away dirty mattress linen. You additionally need to blank all of the tank weekly.

Decor and equipment

Blue Tongue Skinks spend maximum in their time hiding Place a couple of hiding puts right through the enclosure So you’ll use all of the temperature gradient.
Do NOT overload the tank, then again, as skinks revel in numerous house.
The proper housing aids come with:

  • Cork bark
  • Mopani picket
  • Big rocks
  • Logs
  • Boxes.

Blue Tongue Skinks additionally revel in stones positioned below their warmth lamp to supply an excellent position to sunbathe. Check the period and width of the rock or platform to verify your lizard can lie with ease on it.
Since Blue Tongue Skinks are deficient climbers, Avoid tall buildings from which they may be able to fall. Short tree trunks or platforms allow them to coach over the buildings when mountain climbing. However, watch out to not drop them and injure them.
Ponytail hands, snake crops and jade crops are superb residing dietary supplements However, ensure that there may be enough room for crops, meals and water bowls, hiding puts, a solar spot and house for coaching.
However, are living crops could make it tough to take care of right kind humidity, and skinke love to dig so they may be able to injury the roots. Such as, Artificial crops that supply hiding puts are a more sensible choice.

🔑 Key to putting in place the Blue Tongue Skink tank: The casing of your Blue Tongue Skink performs a very important position in well being, and as such you wish to have to Make positive you may have enough room in order that they run round many skins, in addition to Comply with the air humidity and the temperature gradient.

Blue Tongue Skink General well being data

You can continuously inform how wholesome a blue tongue skink is by way of simply taking a look on your mouth. Here, infected gums, broken dandruff, mucus, and different signs assist you to temporarily diagnose numerous commonplace diseases that those creatures continuously have.
Of route, like all animal, blue tongue skinks are at risk of numerous well being issues. Take a take a look at two of the present well being stipulations that you wish to have to be further cautious about …

Mouth rot

Oral rot or stomatitis an an infection that is affecting the mouth and gums of reptiles.
It is continuously led to by way of power rigidity, unsanitary residing stipulations, accidents, loss of nutrients or by way of consuming handiest comfortable meals.
Signs of stomatitis are:

  • Yellow, tacky secretions from the mouth
  • Red, infected gums
  • Damage to the mouth scales
  • Swollen and gentle gums
  • Missing tooth

If you realize those indicators on your Blue Tongue Skink, make an appointment with the vet. Your veterinarian will most probably want to prescribe an antiseptic mouthwash and antibiotics to lend a hand transparent the an infection.
Once the an infection has cleared up, be certain your lizard will get numerous crispy greens to stay your mouth wholesome.
Also, be certain the tank is stored blank and on the proper humidity to steer clear of repeated stomatitis issues.

Respiratory infections

One of the most typical sicknesses in bluetongue skinks, respiration infections will also be led to by way of a grimy tank, deficient vitamin, rigidity, excessive humidity or low tank temperatures.
You would possibly realize the next signs:

  • Difficult respiring
  • Bubbles of froth or mucus from the mouth
  • Excessive salivation
  • Breathe along with your mouth open
  • Gasp
  • Puffy look
  • Poor urge for food
  • lethargy

Low tank temperatures are the most typical reason for respiration infections in skinks.
Fortunately, gentle infections continuously pass away inside per week. However, in the event that they final for much longer or motive critical sickness, a veterinarian appointment is acceptable.

🔑 Blue Tongue Skink Health key takeaway: As with all reptiles, Blue Tongue Skinks are at risk of sure sicknesses and as such, will have to be monitored steadily to make sure that signs are remedied early for more straightforward remedy. In explicit, you will have to pay particular consideration to common oral well being.

Tips for dealing with and gluing Blue Tongue Skink

New skinks will also be beautiful hideous in the beginning, however with sufficient persistence they’ll come over. Although you could need to watch them across the clock, it’s best in case you give them time and house to conform to their new housing sooner than overwhelming them along with your presence. I are aware of it will also be so tempting to be with them so much, particularly at first, however in case you display a bit of persistence and warning by way of proscribing dealing with first, it might pass some distance.
Every new reptile, particularly a brand new blue tongue skink, It will have to take 10 to 14 days so that you can get used to a brand new house sooner than being handled.
Just pass for your skink’s cage to wash and be offering meals, and let your lizard disguise within the more than a few shelters within the enclosure.
An smooth technique to win your skink? Try to come back Visit them by way of dressed in presents to make certain associations along with your presencelike snails, items of fruit or flora.
The readiness to consume and the urge for food of your skink are, along with a transparent loss of hiss, a just right indicator of well-being.
The preliminary dealing with periods will have to be restricted to 10 mins or much less to steer clear of stressing your new puppy.
Hold your lizard on the subject of the bottom or on a work of furnishings if dealing with is not just right and your skink is leaping off your fingers. Support all of the frame in order that your reptile feels secure and protected.
When you pick out up your skink, gently wrap your frame along with your arms close to the entrance legs and toughen the frame along with your loose hand.
Skinks would not have legs to carry directly to, and different lizards. So all the time be sure to toughen them.
Like maximum lizards, blue-tongued skink will also be startled by way of fast actions and in case you way from above, so Move slowly and all the time way from the aspect.
Although skinks will also be content material to be held over a protracted time frame, DO NOT stay them out of the cage for too lengthy, as a result of they can’t stay heat at room temperature.
With mild, widespread dealing with, your skink will connect to you and acknowledge your face and voice.

🔑 Blue Tongue Skink Handling & Bonding Key Takeaways: Give your Blue Tongue Skink time to regulate and be affected person. Specially, Allow your self to get used for your presence for 10 days sooner than dealing with. If you maintain it, ensure that it’s briefly doses of not more than 10 mins and that you just totally toughen your frame. You could make gluing more straightforward by way of bringing them treats.

Is a Blue Tongue Skink Right for YOU?

Ein Blue Tongue Skink ist ein wunderbares Haustier für jeden, egal ob Sie gerade erst mit Ihrem Streifzug in die Reptilienpflege beginnen oder ein fortgeschrittener Hobbyist sind.
Diese fügsamen, einzigartigen Eidechsen sind im Allgemeinen pflegeleicht und bilden starke Bindungen zu ihren Besitzern, used to be sie zu einer Freude für Menschen jeden Alters macht.
Wenn Sie das ideale Gehege einrichten, Ihrem Skink eine richtige Ernährung geben und Ihre Eidechse sanft und ruhig behandeln, werden Sie in den kommenden Jahren eine freundliche Bereicherung für Ihren Haushalt haben.


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