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8 Best Calcium Powders for Bearded Dragons (with & without D3)

If you may have just lately introduced house a beard, or are pondering of adopting your first one, you might be most certainly somewhat puzzled via all that calcium for bearded dragons.

You will also have noticed folks counsel one emblem to every other, arguing about oyster shell protection, discussing D3 and different complicated subjects associated with the professionals and cons of calcium!

What can a brand new (or attainable) proprietor do?

Rest confident, if you are searching for somewhat (or so much) of steering on the entirety to do with Bearded Dragon Calcium Powder, you may have come to the precise position!

Not most effective are we going to wreck down the BEST calcium powders, we are additionally going to speak about when or to not use D3, why bearded dragons want calcium powder within the first position, and extra!

With all of that stated, buckle up and get in a position to turn out to be an authorized calcium powder professional in mins.

Curious or in a rush?

✅ This explicit calcium powder WITH D3 are hottest with readers

✅ This explicit calcium powder WITHOUT D3 are hottest with readers

Why do bearded dragons want calcium powder?

Don’t let the image idiot you … it is completely not likely that your bearded dragon would need to sip a bowl of calcium (now not even actually beneficial!) Like a 6 12 months outdated fortunate allure! But if it is your first time proprietor, do not be discouraged as maximum beards slightly understand calcium on their forages!

Before we dive into our most sensible suggestions for Bearded Dragons Calcium Powder, let’s first in short duvet the most typical questions on this subject.

“Why do bearded dragons want calcium powder?”

This is for sure a good query. I imply, It’s now not that wild bearded dragons catch bugs after which coat them with calcium powder within the wild, proper?

Why will we, as accountable captive homeowners, wish to use the bearded dragon calcium powder you ask? To be very transparent, it is because the vitamin we give them roughly sucks in comparison to what they get within the wild.

As you’ll be able to see, the adaptation lies necessarily within the loss of a various vitamin …

In the wild, bearded dragons have get entry to to heaps of bugs which can be stuffed with all kinds of vitamins and nutrients that almost all people can’t simply mirror in captivity.

In truth, listed here are one of the crucial cuisine that Bearded Dragons often experience within the wild:

  • grilling
  • Cockroaches
  • worms
  • Little mice
  • be loopy
  • Termites
  • Flowers
  • Leafy greens
  • Maggots
  • Small lizards
  • Beetle
  • fruit
  • & So a lot more

They have a beautiful various vitamin there, proper? It’s principally as a result of that Bearded dragons are thought to be opportunistic predatorsEat regardless of the season gives that matches for your mouth.

Naturally, Our incapacity to copy a vitamin like that within the wild ends up in a calcium deficiency.

This is why calcium powders are so necessary in a bearded dragon’s vitamin!

(In a an identical context, additionally it is extremely necessary that you already know how a lot calcium powder Your bearded dragon wishes, without reference to its age!)

If your mustache does not consume a TON of vegetables each day and consume naturally calcium-rich bugs each day, he is most certainly a really perfect candidate for calcium powder.

Best Calcium For Bearded Dragons WITH D3

Now let’s speak about the most efficient calcium for bearded dragons with out diet D3.

Some of the suggestions beneath include different nutrients and vitamins whilst others include natural calcium and nonetheless wish to be bought a separate bearded dragon diet.

Also, Please word that the BEST bearded dragon calcium powders will likely be the ones WITHOUT phosphorus.

That’s as a result of Bearded dragons desire a wholesome calcium to phosphorus ratio (5: 1) and have a tendency to get numerous phosphorus of their vitamin as it’s.

Therefore, any advice in this article is going to practice to reptile calcium powder with out phosphorus.

And if you are now not certain whether or not or now not your Bearded Dragon’s calcium powder must include D3, Here’s a handy guide a rough replace to D3 and when to make use of it.

When to make use of a Bearded Dragon Calcium Powder WITH D3

Unfortunately, now not all calcium powders are made similarly via bearded dragons … and now not every kind are secure in your bearded dragons both!

Vitamin D3 is very important for calcium absorption. If your beard isn’t getting sufficient of it (both in its vitamin or from UVB mild) it might turn out to be calcium poor and probably expand MBD (metabolic bone illness).

If your beard does not have a mercury vapor lamp (bring to mind the REALLY sturdy, pricey reptile bulbs, just like the MegaRay emblem) You can typically give them calcium WITH D3 and DO NOT run the chance of overloading them.

However, in case your beard will get numerous daylight (UVB makes its pores and skin soak up D3) OR has a mercury vapor lamp, you’ll be able to most certainly skip the D3 in its calcium.

If you might be not sure whether or not or to not use D3, you’ll be able to all the time transfer between a D3 powder and a non-D3 powder.

Now for the tips!

Best Calcium For Bearded Dragons WITH D3 # 1: Rep-Cal Calcium with Vitamin D3

Bearded dragon homeowners, breeders and fans swear via Rep-Cal, I’ll do it considered one of The hottest and simply obtainable calcium powders for bearded dragons!

So what makes it so nice? Well, for starters it’s actually finely flooring so it may be carried out without problems and sticks to feeders.

It may be like that Consists of 100% herbal phosphorus-free calcium carbonate from the oyster shellThis could be a downside for some purists preferring natural calcium carbonate.

You’ll be at liberty to understand that it’s, too formulated with ZERO added sugars, starches, components, synthetic colours, or different nasty components.

Check worth and opinions on Amazon

Best Calcium for Bearded Dragons WITH D3 # 2: Repashy Calcium Plus

Another nice choice for calcium is emblem Repashy Calcium Pluswhich is largely a calcium D3 powder plus further nutrients!

This powder is meant to be an “all-in-one” and must subsequently most certainly most effective be given as soon as every week for your grownup beard and two times every week for your child beard.

On different days, I like to recommend the usage of an ordinary calcium powder. No separate diet powder required.

The explanation why you do not want to head overboard at the Repashy is as it comprises natural diet A, in addition to different nutrients and minerals that may turn out to be poisonous in your kite if ingested too continuously.

So as soon as every week is typically greater than sufficient so as to add additional vitamins in your beard.

Check worth and opinions on Amazon

Best Calcium for Bearded Dragons WITH D3 # 3: Zoo Med Repti Calcium with D3

If you are searching for a REALLY natural calcium powder and not using a impurities, you may have come to the precise position Bearded Dragon Calcium Powder from Zoo Med!

What units this powder excluding others is you strict calcium carbonate formula with ZERO oyster shell.

Although the oyster shell is made predominantly of calcium carbonate, some homeowners are purists and wish to complement their bearded dragons with calcium in its purest shape with minimum to no components.

If this sounds such as you, believe this Bearded Dragon Calcium Powder your FIRST selection!

Finally, this calcium powder will get bonus issues for proper use Cholecalciferol, which is an especially secure and nutritious type of calcium. Think of it as the best quality that you’ll be able to fairly be expecting in those dietary supplements.

Check worth and opinions on Amazon

Best Calcium for Bearded Dragons WITH D3 # 4: Fluker’s Repta Calcium with D3

Your usual, unusual calcium powder, Flukers Repta Calcium is a confirmed selection for plenty of. It is additionally nice price for cashprices lower than a cup of espresso for Four oz.!

Buyers have discovered it to coat feeders neatly. The most effective factor to watch out of? Some folks have reported that the container is untidy when it arrivesBe acutely aware of this ahead of ordering.

All in all, If you might be searching for natural price, you’ll be able to’t pass flawed with this calcium.

However, if you’ll be able to pay somewhat extra, then you could choose ​​for one of the most suggestions above to incorporate additional nutrients and steer clear of a packaging crisis.

Check worth and opinions on Amazon

Best calcium for bearded dragons WITHOUT D3

The following suggestions will essentially replicate the above, except diet D3.

So after all those will likely be once more Best suited to bearded dragons who both have an enclosure with a mercury vapor lamp or who obtain a lot of herbal daylight (like each day).

Best Calcium for Bearded Dragons WITHOUT D3 # 1: Zoo Med Reptile Calcium with out Vitamin D3

Similar to the sister of diet D3, This calcium powder from Zoo Med comprises natural calcium carbonateThis makes it a FAVORITE amongst purists preferring to make use of no components or much less natural assets of calcium.

Please additionally take into account that since that is PURE calcium, it is very important so as to add a diet as neatly.

Check worth and opinions on Amazon

This is a confirmed calcium powder for bearded dragons Vitamin D3 loose from Rep-Cal has the similar finely flooring high quality than its diet D3 counterpart above.

This guarantees it Coats feeders great or even in order that your bearded dragon consumes as a lot calcium as imaginable.

It additionally comprises ZERO sugar, starch, synthetic colours, or different components.

Check worth and opinions on Amazon

Best Calcium for Bearded Dragons WITHOUT D3 # 3: Zilla Calcium Supplement Reptile Food Spray

A singular advice this liquid calcium complement von Zilla will give you the chance to take action Boost your bartie’s calcium consumption in additional techniques than simply feeders!

In truth, many house owners document that their bearded dragon eats this on their salads and not using a issues.

This complement is just too Great when your bearded dragon wishes a handy guide a rough spice up.

You can simply upload a couple of drops to each and every home made slurry recipe if they’re unwell or appearing indicators of MBD and may just take pleasure in additional calcium.

A should have for the choosy eater or proprietor who hates wiping feedersDon’t fail to remember this beneficial calcium spray for bearded dragons, although it approach preserving it available just for emergencies.

Check worth and opinions on Amazon

Best calcium for bearded dragons WITHOUT D3 # 3: Fluker’s calcium with out diet D3

Similar to its counterpart to diet D3, This calcium powder from Flukers will get issues for being extraordinarily reasonably priced and constituted of natural calcium carbonate.

However, It loses some issues for some consumers who declare the package deal arrived in dangerous form. So take this into consideration once more ahead of ordering if making a decision to shop for this product.

Check worth and opinions on Amazon

Worst Bearded Dragons Calcium Powder

In one of the crucial above, it’s worthwhile to that you just Avoid calcium powder that comprises phosphorus AND isn’t finely flooring.

Powders that don’t seem to be finely flooring may have bother sticking to feed and subsequently will give your kite little or no of the vitamins it in truth wishes. If you pass overboard with the phosphorus, you run the chance of actually reducing the calcium to phosphorus ratio.

As lengthy as you are ready to shop for just right high quality calcium powder in your bearded dragon, there must be sufficient calcium in your bearded dragon, equipped you may have arrange the precise lights!

Keep that during thoughts in the case of this Caring for bearded dragonsIt is so necessary that their dietary wishes are met as a result of they may be able to actually be very fragile!

How do I am getting my bearded dragons to consume calcium?

Did you already know? Bearded dragons missing calcium don’t have any selection however to attract calcium from their bones, resulting in stunted expansion, vulnerable skeletal methods, and concern of different probably life-threatening issues.

When it involves getting bearded dragons to consume their calcium, then greater than as soon as, You are BEST of success while you mud off your feeders.

Most bearded dragons do not stink a lot from calcium-dusted feed troughs so long as you get it proper. This approach, Your feeders must have a gentle, even coating.

As your The bearded dragon’s vitamin adjustments with ageYou might also need to mud the salad with calcium. However, it is not unusual for bearded dragons to steer clear of their salad when this occurs.

You see, many beards can also be beautiful choosy eaters, so get them to consume their vegetables can also be difficult sufficient WITHOUT the added issue of sprinkling them with calcium powder.

In this example, complement with a liquid calcium for bearded dragons (The beneficial Zilla Food Spray discussed above will do the trick!) can also be helpful!

Is Reptile Calcium Going Bad?

While calcium in its purest shape is inert, that means it may not smash, components like nutrients A and D3 lose their effectiveness over the years.

If you are supplementing your bearded dragon with natural calcium and no different nutrients or minerals, then do not be concerned in regards to the product expiring so long as it is saved in an hermetic container in a groovy, darkish position.

However, if, like maximum, your calcium powder comprises further components, you should definitely admire the expiration date at the container.

Packing Bearded Dragons Calcium Powders

I am hoping that via now you realize now not most effective what form of calcium powder your bearded dragon wishes, however WHY they want it and the easiest way to manage it.

Supplementing your bearded dragon with calcium is considered one of your most secure techniques to stay them wholesome over the longer term.

If you’ll be able to nail down their vitamin, dietary supplements, and lights, your bearded dragon necessarily has each and every probability to are living an extended, glad lifestyles.


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