7 Best Leopard Gecko Substrates (Plus 5 You MUST Avoid!)

The Leopard gecko (opens in new hyperlink) or Eublepharis macularius is without doubt one of the most well liked puppy lizards (particularly for newcomers!) adopted simplest through the in reputation Bearded dragon.

They are small, smooth to take care of, out there and entertaining. These nocturnal creatures are local to sizzling sand spaces within the Middle Eastthat are usually a semi-desert local weather. They consume reside bugs like crickets.

Knowing a majority of these details concerning the leopard gecko will make it more straightforward so that you can resolve which substrates are right for you Your best possible residing area is person who mimics your herbal atmosphere.

Leopard gecko house owners generally tend to really feel so much about which substrate is best possible for his or her terrarium. This is principally as a result of substrates are a private selection for person habitat targets, their local weather, or their cleansing personal tastes.

After all of that, learn directly to get an concept of ​​which substrate variety is best possible for leopard geckos!

What to search for when purchasing a substrate for leopard geckos

Before we have a look at the most productive substrates for leopard geckos, let’s in short speak about what you must believe to you should definitely in finding the appropriate possibility for you AND your puppy!

Five issues to believe when opting for your leopard gecko substrate:

  • worth – Is it reasonable and inexpensive or a boon?
  • Overall cleanliness – How smooth is cleansing?
  • longevity – How incessantly do it’s important to substitute it?
  • protection – Will it pose a security or well being danger?
  • Realistic to the herbal habitat – Will it mimic what your puppy would in finding within the wild?

This will virtually all the time be as shut as conceivable to the herbal habitat.

While the most obvious selection could also be a bioactive one, you’ll quickly in finding that it isn’t all the time your best option. This is particularly true if you’re a brand new proprietor who you don’t seem to be satisfied can construct a bioactive terrarium and ultimate however now not least care for it.

If your gecko is younger or tends to consume a few of its substrate whilst feeding, sand or one thing with small debris is not going to paintings both.

With that mentioned Keep the Five above issues in thoughts as you’re employed via the next suggestions to you should definitely AND your Leopard Gecko get glad!

Best Leopard Gecko substrates

Read underneath to learn our best suggestions for the BEST Leopard Gecko substrates in no specific order. You can in finding choices to fit each and every funds, cage setup, and cleansing environment!

Leopard Gecko Substrate Option 1: Bioactive

Similar to how a leopard gecko happens within the wild, bioactive substrate provides the chance to discover other textures and smells and thus create a particularly real looking enjoy. While this is not one of the best ways to head, with sufficient analysis, someone can create a bioactive substrate that their puppy will love!

The bioactive terrarium is without doubt one of the maximum attention-grabbing choices as a result of it isn’t simply one of those substrate. Instead it’s It is constructed from various fabrics which are designed to imitate the herbal substrate discovered within the wild.

You see, in nature the gecko would now not have interaction with a unmarried form of substrate. Instead, a part of the earth they go back and forth could be laborious, phase free, phase vegetative and phase stony.

And whilst you’ll be able to all the time create your personal bioactive substrate from scratch, it is going to be MUCH more straightforward to do with one that is already executed… particularly if you’re a first-time proprietor!

Which is precisely the place this nice combine is sensible. This substrate is Well fitted to leopard geckos and works neatly in usually dry and sizzling environments. However, it may additionally take care of moisture spikes.

As an aspect word, an actual bioactive terrarium will ALSO be integrated residing, reptile-safe vegetationthat imitate a local habitat higher.

Leopard gecko substrate Option 2: shelf lining

Although that is an odd advice, Shelf Liner is unusually a really perfect substrate possibility for plenty of causes …

Shelf liner is an easy, washer-friendly floor that gives excellent traction in your puppy and is inexpensive. Always make a choice the non-stick selection for simple elimination and ensure your selection DOES NOT have holes, ribs, or comprise bleach.

You can use the shelf movie by myself or you’ll be able to put a newspaper or paper towel over it.

It must be changed each and every few months and must all the time be checked to ensure crickets or different meals isn’t stuck beneath.

Thorough cleansing is needed to forestall micro organism from rising as it isn’t as smooth to disinfect as different surfaces.

One drawback is this substrate does now not permit a gecko to bury inside of. However, if you happen to want a easy and affordable substrate answer, you’ve gotten come to the appropriate position.

Leopard gecko substrate Option 3: reptile carpet

Reptile carpet is possibly the most simple substrate.

It is Commercially to be had, smooth to wash and specifically designed for reptiles. This method it is comfortable sufficient to not scratch your bellies, however has a stiff, absorbent underside.

It must be changed after 3 or 4 washes, which typically calls for alternative each and every six to 12 months.

This can imply that it’s now not precisely the most affordable possibility when you’ll be able to acquire different substrates in bulk at inexpensive costs.

Leopard Gecko Substrate Option 4: Sand

Leopard gecko sand substrateSand could be a nice substrate selection … in case you are prepared to take further measures to ensure your gecko does not by accident consume any of it! These measures can come with feeding in a separate housing, feeding through hand, or protecting the sand with paper towels whilst feeding.

Sand is one of the debatable substrates amongst gecko house owners.

Some other people swear that it’s the maximum herbal and logical substrate. After all, geopos are surrounded through sand within the wild. Others say it must be banned as a result of if a gecko eats it the result’s existence threatening as it reasons impaction.

However, that is much more likely with a in poor health or younger gecko that has now not but perfected its searching talents.

It could also be noteworthy that sand is of their wild habitat, however they don’t reside completely in sandy environments. So, If you select this feature, it can be best possible to incorporate it as a part of a herbal biodome.

A commonplace possibility for sand is ok quartz sand, which is offered sterile through firms like ZooMed, which focus on reptile care merchandise.

Another possibility is dune sand, which could also be commercially to be had and has clumps like cat muddle in it for simple cleansing. It is designed to scale back the tension at the intestines when fed on.

Leopard gecko substrate Option 5: newspaper or paper towel

Newspaper is in most cases loose, which is the largest benefit. It’s best possible for young children or younger geckos too, however it is extra paintings …

It must be modified day by day. This isn’t a proposal, however a demand as damp paper reasons micro organism to develop briefly. However, it’s smooth to throw away and substitute.

Likewise, paper towels are easy, readily to be had, and in most cases now not very dear. They will have to be disposed of once they’re grimy to forestall bacterial expansion or the chance of an infection.

Both newspaper and paper towels are nice in a pinch if you end up cleansing the cage and now not have every other substrate. They’re now not sexy, however they do the task.

They also are mild at the gecko’s frame, alternatively don’t imitate a herbal habitat and limit geckos from digging and embody all in their herbal behaviors.

These substrates are inedible and are Ideal for difficult geckos who want a mild, easy-to-clean substrate because of damage or sickness.

Leopard gecko substrate Option 6: DIY mixed substrates

Leopard Gecko DIY Blended SubstrateAttracted through the theory of ​​the bioactive substrate, however a bit of crushed or intimidated? If so, why now not check out the combined substrate? This is a smart start line for individuals who wish to create a biodome for his or her leopard gecko sooner or later.

There’s no explanation why you’ll be able to’t create your personal combine searching for the very best substrate! A combined substrate will provide you with the entire benefits of person substrate varieties and is customized for your wishes on the similar time.

It could also be the precursor to a biodome if you happen to assume you’re going in that course.

Mixed substrates can come with any of the substrates from this checklist of standard DIY recipes that require natural topsoil, sand, and clay.

It is vital that all your substances are inert and not using a added chemical compounds. The topsoil must be sterile and natural, in order that no unexpected and probably poisonous weeds sprout on your terrarium.

Clay must simplest make up about 10 to 20% of the recipe.

Soak all of the aggregate, form it for your liking on your terrarium and let it dry utterly. The clay solidifies the substrate and paperwork a singular DIY ground in your terrarium.

Leopard gecko substrate Option 7: stone, slate and tiles

Stone, slate, and tile are smooth additions to a gecko’s terrarium. she Add texture and variation and will also be organized to create a herbal atmosphere that may entertain the gecko.

you might be additionally nice for protecting warmth when a gecko loves to bask. You, alternatively are added to OTHER substrate to enrich it and supply variation in a terrarium.

Some other people make a choice to have an all-tile substrate on their terrarium ground as a result of it’s smooth to wash, however this additionally limits the gecko’s skill to dig and bury.

Leopard gecko substrates to keep away from

Below are some substrates that say a company and transparent “NO!” amongst Leopard Gecko house owners. These must be have shyed away from in any respect prices.

Substrate # 1 to keep away from: coconut fiber (coconut)

Another debatable substrate, coconut fiber, has such a lot of sure houses that it is laborious to believe the way it ended up at the avoidance checklist. It’s herbal, has antimicrobial houses, and is each inexpensive and sturdy.

If you assume it sounds perfect, leisure confident that you’re not by myself! In reality, many leopard gecko house owners adore it. But there’s one problem critical sufficient to place it in this avoidance checklist …

A significant issue with this substrate is that once it’s dry, as will be the case in a semi-dry leopard gecko habitat, it releases tiny debris within the type of high-quality mud that get into the gecko’s airlines.

Most proof of the wear is anecdotal, however it’s constant sufficient that it’s best to select a distinct substrate.

Another downside is that it reasons impulses when fed on. Of route, this is not an issue with all geckos, so some other people use it and their geckos by no means attempt to consume it. But it is nonetheless a possibility you may take.

Hopefully you’ll be able to now see why this substrate is so debatable and in the long run a large “NO” at the minds of many house owners.

Surface No. 2 to keep away from: wooden shavings and shavings

Leopard gecko wooden substrateWhile wooden is a herbal component, it isn’t the most suitable option in terms of substrate or tank equipment for leopard geckos. If you might be searching for a excellent conceal or decor to climb on, check out one thing fabricated from stone as a substitute!

This is the sort of vintage puppy bedding. From hamsters to horse shavings to wooden shavings is a superb substrate as a result of they’re absorbent and inexpensive and can give deep, comfortable bedding.

However, as you’ve gotten more than likely guessed through now, that is NOT the case with leopard geckos.

Chips must be have shyed away from in any respect prices. They purpose many dangers, together with impaction, pores and skin inflammation (are you able to believe a splinter at the gecko pores and skin?), Keep an excessive amount of moisture in comparison to the frequency with which the bedding is modified, and make allowance bugs to cover.

There in point of fact are NO excellent shaving choices, despite the fact that some other people say that aspen isn’t dangerous in a substrate combine. Fir, pine, and cedar are the worst.

However, it’s higher to play it secure and keep away from wooden altogether.

Substrate no. Three to keep away from: walnut shells

Walnut shells are incessantly offered commercially as a reptile substrate. Ignorant puppy retailer employees might advise them to not know that they don’t seem to be operating for leopard geckos.

At first look, they appear very interesting as they’re herbal, advertised to be low in mud, and absorbent. However, You’re at an advantage simply averting them.

Walnut shells are recognized to break gecko pores and skin and in addition worsen gecko eyes. The debris are sufficiently small to stick to crickets and different reside prey, making it smooth for leopard geckos to inadvertently consume them, which is susceptible to hurt.

Substrate no. Four to be have shyed away from: moss

There are a couple of varieties of moss which are offered as a terrarium substrate, in particular peat moss constructed from sphagnum, which is occasionally combined with pine shavings.

Moss is very similar to coconut fiber in that it may be secure underneath perfect cases, but in addition Leopard geckos are susceptible to have an effect on when eaten.

Actually, Its houses are in reality extra stringy and rougher than coconut fibers. So whether it is fed on, it’s much more likely to be affected.

If for any reason why (critically, why ???) you HAVE to make use of moss, test the substances checklist and ensure it’s NOT a combination with wooden.

Substrate to be have shyed away from # 5: reptile sand mat

While that is made in particular for reptiles, it’s in most cases now not a highly regarded selection. In reality, this advice is tentative at best possible.

The sand mat is a forged floor this is very similar to sandpaper. It appears sexy and gives excellent traction, however it’s NOT probably the most sensible. And whilst it is secure to make use of, it is extremely tricky to wash.

So difficult, if truth be told, that it’s at best possible must be thought to be as a unmarried use for every software. This makes it somewhat dear and now not definitely worth the effort.

Additionally, Poor high quality sand mats can briefly dissolve if sand debris loosen or the mats don’t remain in position.

Like maximum issues, they’ve their position. They are sexy for presentations at industry presentations, and since they’re light-weight, they come in useful in the ones environments moderately than lugging round heavier substrate.

They too can end up useful in eventualities the place a gecko must be quarantined as it appears easy and herbal than a newspaper.

However, 99% of the time, this can be a substrate you do not need to waste your time (or cash) on!

Wrapping up the most productive leopard gecko substrates

Choosing the appropriate substrate may be very non-public and what turns out perfect to 1 Leopard Gecko proprietor might sound like a nightmare to some other!

Hopefully, after finishing your analysis, you’ll be able to make excellent selections to create a wholesome house in your Leopard Gecko.

But, Don’t be stunned if a bit of trial and blunder is needed to determine precisely what works OR in case your gecko’s wishes exchange over the years.

Many other people get started with one form of substrate, however transfer to some other as their habitats exchange and develop.

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