6 Best Ball Python Substrates for Your Pet (PLUS 5 to Avoid!)

If you’re new to the sector of reptiles or Ball pythons (opens in a brand new tab) In specific, you’ll be asking of yourself: “What is substrate and why does my ball python want it?”

Simply put Substrate necessarily refers to what may well be thought to be floor in a reptile enclosure.

Much like you might have wooden flooring, carpets, or tiles in your house, a reptile has substrate.

And whilst the ground in our houses does not most often play a large position in our well being … on the earth of reptiles?

Let’s simply say substrate performs a very powerful position in keeping up correct posture, which has a vital affect on a Ball Python lifespan.

It must due to this fact come as no wonder that probably the most essential sides when making plans the development of your ball python is opting for the RIGHT substrate.

The kind, supply and intensity of the substrate have a vital affect for your puppy’s well being and happiness.

So in case you are on the lookout for a little bit information to discovering the best Ball Python substrate, you’ll be able to ensure that you can be lined on this put up!

Curious or in a rush?

This particular substrate is the preferred amongst Ball Python house owners AND additionally randomly take first position on our checklist.

What to search for when purchasing a python substrate

Before we speak about all your substrate choices, let’s in brief give an explanation for what you must imagine when evaluating one substrate to every other.

The following Eight standards are used to guage the 6 absolute best substrates within the subsequent phase. If you get to understand them now, you’ll be able to just be sure you and your puppy make the most efficient imaginable variety.

8 Criteria to imagine when selecting the proper substrate:

# 1. Water retention & affect on air humidity. Ball pythons come from the forests and meadows of Africa, the place the humidity is at all times somewhat prime. Different substrates have other results at the humidity of your housing.

# 2. Dig behavior. Although this isn’t a in particular commonplace process, some ball pythons are glad to dig and dig of their substrate. Loose substrates that make this imaginable can enrich your snake’s existence.

# 3. Fungus and parasite chance. Some substrates are infamous for his or her creation itchy mites to your helpless puppy or to advertise mould enlargement in prime humidity environments.

# 4. Cost. As lengthy because the substrate is acceptable for a ball python, the price is the following maximum essential issue for many snake holders. This can vary from pennies to fifty greenbacks each time you clear the cage.

# 5. Easy cleansing. Speaking of cleansing the case: the skin can impair or have an effect on the simplicity of the sort of job.

# 6. Convenience of buying groceries. Some easy choices will also be purchased within the grocery retailer, whilst different choices would possibly require a seek advice from to a area of expertise retailer or an internet order.

# 7. Aesthetics. This is another choice based totally only on private personal tastes. It does not topic whether or not your ball python is in a rack or an opaque plastic bathtub, however show instances require extra idea.

# 8. Ingestion & chance of impaction. This can vary from completely no chance that your puppy is taking the substrate, to a minimum chance of affect, to “no”.

Now that we have got handled the standards during which the substrates are categorised, allow us to (pun supposed!) Dive into your to be had possible choices!

Best ball python substrates

While the next 6 substrates all make just right choices, we at the moment are that specialize in discussing intimately how they vary from one every other in line with the Eight standards described above.

Rest confident, you’ll be able to’t pass mistaken right here … however as you are going to quickly uncover, some substrates outperform others in positive classes.

Ball Python Substrate Option 1: coconut shell

Coconut shell, often referred to as “coconut shell”, is constituted of more or less chopped items of coconut shell.

It is extensively thought to be the most efficient substrate selection for ball pythons and different tropical reptile and amphibian species.

Humidity: Coconut shell can take in huge quantities of water, so it is helping tremendously to care for ok humidity.

Dig: This isn’t the most efficient substrate for digging because of the dimensions of the shell items.

Mushrooms and mites: Coconut merchandise are naturally antimicrobial, because of this that they face up to mould and fungal enlargement. Occasionally, this kind of substrate can harbor mites.

Costs: Unfortunately, coconut shell is probably the most dear substrate possible choices. It most often prices $ 20 to $ 30 consistent with huge bag.

Cleaning: The huge items of coconut shell do it simply take away what may have come into touch with the drop of your ball python, however the darkish colour makes it tricky to resolve what may have came about any place. This substrate is Excellent for soaking up unhealthy smells.

Purchasing: Coconut shell luggage are bought by way of quantity, now not by way of weight, and don’t seem to be in particular dense or heavy. You will almost definitely do it You will have to take a shuttle in your native puppy or reptile retailer for this product or order it on-line.

Aesthetics: Is coconut shell a phenomenal, herbal taking a look bedding. It can be offering very good distinction and “pop” the colours on brilliant ball python morphs.

Impaction: Unfortunately, The huge items of coconut fiber may cause impulses in case your snake unintentionally takes it up. This will also be have shyed away from by way of feeding your snake in a separate enclosure or on a paper towel within the cage.

🔑 Coconut Husk Key Takeaways: Although no substrate is 100% similar to that within the wild, coconut shell occupies our most sensible spot as a result of it’s clean to procedure and maintains the hygiene and aesthetics of the cage. While this substrate isn’t ultimate for digging and is probably unhealthy relating to a low chance of affect, we consider (and plenty of house owners!) The BEST substrate for a python readily to be had if you’ll be able to endure the costlier value. Final ranking: 5/5

Ball Python Substrate Option 2: Bioactive soil

Ball Python Bioactive Substrate

Bioactive soil is the freshest new factor to go into the sector of herpetoculture, and for just right reason why!

It gives never-ending chances for enrichment, for developing a phenomenal panorama and for the herbal lifetime of your ball python.

Humidity: Bioactive soil is formulated to retain moisture and care for ok moisture ranges. It calls for occasional fogging.

Dig: This bedding is PERFECT in order that your ball python can have interaction in herbal trench habitsr she is fascinated with.

Mushrooms and mites: With correct upkeep, the Useful organisms within the bioactive substrate can maintain undesirable, destructive microorganisms.

Costs: The The preliminary price of organising a bioactive soil will also be relatively primewithin the vary of $ 50 to $ 100. Fortunately, you must by no means have to switch it if the entirety is going easily. You too can lower your expenses by way of researching and combining a DIY surface.

Cleaning: That is a bonus Organisms that reside within the soil maintain all cleansing – together with the waste and dandruff skins of your ball python!

Purchasing: You both must Buy a pre-made combine from a shop that specialize in bioactive terrariums OR analysis and purchase particular person elements on-line or in a lawn store.

Aesthetics: That is bioactive substrate The maximum herbal selection as a result of it’s herbal! It additionally permits you use dwelling vegetation and create a phenomenal miniature ecosystem.

Impaction: The chance of ingestion is omnipresent; the The chance of affect relies on how “chunky” your substrate aggregate is.

🔑 Bioactive surface key takeaways: Although bioactive soil must take first position on paper, the truth that it has a studying curve and will also be tricky for first-time house owners to highest places it in a good 2d position. However, in case you are assured of making and keeping up a bioactive setting, and you’ve got the time, endurance, and assets, you must surely imagine this substrate first! Final ranking: 4.5 / 5

Ball Python Substrate Option 3: coconut fiber

Ball of python coconut fiber substrate

Coconut fiber or coconut is coconut constituted of very finely floor coconut shells. The result’s a fibrous surface that may be dense or mild and unfastened, relying at the moisture.

Humidity: Is coconut fiber Excellent for storing moisture and keeping up moisture – almost definitely your best option for this goal.

Dig: Coconut fibers are naturally very floor-like PERFECT so your ball python can dig, if he desires.

Mushrooms and mites: Be tight and thus restrict the air drift, This substrate has a low chance of growing mould. Fortunately, coconut has antifungal houses. The chance will also be lowered by way of ventilating, rotating, and once in a while drying out the fiber often.

Costs: Loose coconut fiber is Reasonably priced at $ 10 to $ 20 for a big bag. Compressed coconut fiber stones are even less expensive, and you’ll be able to regularly pay $ Five to $ 10 for an quantity that hydrates and expands to 2-Three times the quantity of a giant bag of unfastened coconut.

Cleaning: It is It is relatively tricky to spot the tainted substrate and clear it correctly. Completely converting the substrate could also be now not a simple job because of its floor-like nature. It gets to each corner and cranny and keep on with anything else rainy.

Purchasing: This bedding most often will have to be purchased in a desk bound or on-line puppy store.

Aesthetics: Since coconut looks as if filth, there’s a very herbal glance that appeals to many ball python house owners.

Impaction: The chance of unintentional ingestion is prime, however that The chance of publicity to the microscopic dirt-like debris is moderately low.

🔑 Coconut Fiber Key Takeaways: Coconut Fiber is a smart selection for many who worth keeping up humidity to permit their ball python to dig, and particularly aesthetics. However, it may be very tricky to scrub and has the possible to broaden mould with out common upkeep, which is destructive to our general score. Final score: 4/5

Ball Python Substrate Option 2: cypress mulch

Ball python cypress mulch substrate

Cypress mulch looks as if every other mulch you’ll be able to use or see in gardening and landscaping. It is composed of floor items of cypress wooden and bark.

Humidity: Cypress mulch is very good for keeping up humidity. Cypress mulch is already damp and damp. It will dry out sooner or later, however this will also be remedied by way of further fogging each few days.

Dig: This could also be the case because of the dimensions of the chunks NOT the perfect substrate for ball pythons.

Mushrooms and mites: cypress is antimicrobial and of course resists mould and fungus enlargement. Since it’s most often bought in sealed luggage and creates an atmosphere with very prime humidity, mites don’t most often stow in it.

Costs: Cypress mulch, which is bought in particular for reptiles, prices about up to coconut shells about $ 15 to $ 30 consistent with bag. It will also be bought for far much less by way of buying groceries in lawn provide retail outlets.

Make certain the product you purchase is 100% cypress mulch. Additives like insecticides, fertilizers, and cedar are commonplace, which will have probably deadly penalties to your ball python.

Cleaning: It It will also be tricky to scrub infected beds adequately on web pageand tougher to spot when your snake vomits to begin with. Fortunately, cypress mulch resists bacterial enlargement and absorbs odors relatively smartly.

Purchasing: This is every other product that will have to be bought from a puppy retailer, on-line retailer, or perhaps a lawn retailer. It’s a little bit heavier than coconut fiber because of the moisture content material, however now not a lot.

Aesthetics: These horny items of wooden Create a phenomenal and herbal terrain to your ball python.

Impaction: Cypress mulch items is usually a bit sharp Accidental ingestion can have an effect on or even perforate the digestive tract of your ball python. Feed your snake with paper towels or in a separate container to steer clear of the danger.

🔑 Cypress Mulch Key Takeaways: Despite the low chance of affects and difficulties in cleansing stains, cypress mulch is a gorgeous and intensely naturally clear substrate selection this is simply to be had and is perfect for keeping up moisture. And whilst the benefits of this option indubitably outweigh the disadvantages, the danger or impairment or perforation can’t be lost sight of. Final ranking: 3.5 / 5

Ball Python Substrate Option 6: paper towels, newspaper and butcher block paper

Ball python paper towel substrate

One of the 3 substrate choices above is a superb possibility for someone in want. It gives an easy-to-clean and easy aesthetic that makes it low-maintenance and excellent for brief posture.

Humidity: Paper absorbs moisture, however it’s NOT in particular helpful to have an effect on the humidity of the case.

Dig: Ball pythons can not dig and dig precisely in sheets of paper, however some like to cover below it.

Fungi and mites: Mites and mold are simply have shyed away from since the paper substrate is most often totally modified each week or so.

Costs: Paper is that most cost-effective possibility. It can vary from totally unfastened to only a few cents to hide the ground of the cage.

Cleaning: Change the grimy paper substrate extraordinarily clean and speedy.

Purchasing: Of path, this kind of bedding will also be purchased any place. Grocery retail outlets, newsstands – discovering paper substrate isn’t an issue.

Aesthetics: paper isn’t visually interesting for many puppy house owners, however it may paintings in the event you desire a easy, clear glance.

Impaction: There are No chance of ingestion or impairment with paper substrate.

🔑 Paper towels, newspaper and butcher’s block Although by way of some distance the most cost effective, maximum readily to be had, easy-to-clean and safety-relevant paper, paper towels, newsprint and butcher block paper are too quick relating to aesthetics, moisture control and trenching. Because the best humidity is so essential, it prices some huge cash in our general score. Final ranking: 3/5

Ball Python Substrate Option 5: Aspen

Ball Python Aspen substrate

Good for a temporary substrate making an allowance for how inexpensive it’s aspen sadly has extra disadvantages than benefits.

However, in case you are in want and will maintain the possible moisture issues and chance of affect, this can be a good selection.

Humidity: Aspen chips Do NOT assist to care for humidity. In truth, they may be able to dry out the air.

Dig: Depending at the logo and measurement of the shavings, aspen bedding will also be just right for digging Ball pythons.

Mushrooms and mites: Unfortunately, Mites are commonplace hitchhikers on industrial bales of aspen mattress. Mold grows simply if the skin stays wet for too lengthy.

Costs: Aspen chips are Attractively priced. Giant bales most often price round $ 50 or much less.

Cleaning: Snake droppings are clean to look and odor clean on aspen shavings. It does it clean to scrub all grimy beds. However, Changing rubbish is usually a messy ordeal as a result of issues can get dusty and the sunshine shavings simply appear to go with the flow any place within the room.

Shopping: Most supermarkets with a puppy house elevate aspen shavings. You too can purchase it at puppy retail outlets, on-line, or at farm and feed retail outlets.

Aesthetics: This substrate appears on the subject of nature. Darker coloured python morphs get pleasure from the distinction of the yellow and white wooden chips.

Impaction: Aspen chips can range from 1 to two inch items to hair-like strands. With chips with a bigger reduce, a power is much more likely.

🔑 Aspen Key Takeaways: When it involves benefits and downsides, aspen is a little bit blended relating to substrates which are clean to scrub on web page, are very good for digging, inexpensive and no less than rather sensible. With the facility to dry out enclosures and create impulses, this substrate variety, even if nonetheless appropriate, is closing on our checklist. Final ranking: 2.5 / 5

Ball Python substrates to steer clear of

It’s absolute best to coach your self and get ready while you purchase substrates, particularly in the event you nonetheless do not have a forged selection.

Unfortunately, some commonplace choices which are regularly bought and advertised for reptiles don’t seem to be precisely ultimate AND may also be deadly!

As such, you wish to have to be protected and perilous in all issues!

To proceed your schooling, imagine and assessment the next Five substrates, all of which must be at the cheeky checklist of a Ball Python proprietor.

Surface No. 1 to be have shyed away from: sand

Although a commonplace substrate for lots of reptiles, sand is sadly infamous for selling mould enlargement.

Beyond that too reduces the humidity, can aggravate the respiration tract, AND may cause results as a result of its clumping houses.

The ultimate end result? Avoid sand in any respect prices!

Substrate 2 to be have shyed away from: pine and cedar shavings

Pine and cedar shavings undoubtedly glance herbal, virtually like one thing your ball python may come upon within the wild, proper?

Consider the next: These reputedly protected substrate choices can liberate destructive oils and compounds into the air, which may end up in neurological injury and respiration inflammation to your ball python.

Substrate No. Three to Avoid: gravel

By now, you almost certainly know precisely how essential it’s to imagine the danger of affect when opting for a substrate.

And relating to gravel? Let’s simply say there’s a large, daring “F” in this matter at the certificates, making an allowance for how clean to take it’s.

Another large downside? gravel does NOT be offering bodily or smell absorption in case your puppy makes feces.

Give your nostril a ruin and make a choice one thing else.

Substrate No. Four to Avoid: Artificial carpet outdoor

Similar to pine and cedar shavings, synthetic out of doors carpet can liberate destructive chemicals into the airyou presently know that may purpose respiration and / or neurological issues.

And because it isn’t absorbent, Day of defecation can get EXTRA messy. Above the carpet most often begins to damage down after a couple of cleanings.

Skip this substrate disaster until you tidy up (???) and you’re keen on having to repeatedly exchange one thing.

Substrate No. Five to Avoid: Recycled fiber fluff and pellet merchandise

have a tendency to be dusty and dry up the air. Pellets can’t be used for digging, may cause knocks, and are almost definitely now not very relaxed to your ball python.

Pack the Ball Python substrate

There are many protected AND ultimate kinds of substrates to choose between. The top choice for you and your ball python relies on your state of affairs and your own personal tastes.

Feel unfastened to experiment! What works for a puppy proprietor would possibly not be just right for you. You may also check out blending other, protected kinds of substrates.

Fortunately, in case you are NOT happy with the substrate you decided on, you’ll be able to at all times exchange it the following time you clear the cage.

If you flip it on sufficient and watch your snake intently, you’ll be able to even in finding out which one she enjoys probably the most!

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