30+ Beautiful Corn Snake Morphs & Colors (With Pictures)

Corn snakes (Pantherophis guttatus) are very talked-about as pets as a result of their calm nature, manageable dimension and easy maintaining necessities.

Thanks to the sheer selection of corn snakes made for the puppy marketplace and the truth that they have got been selectively bred for many years, dazzling colour and development adjustments have took place.

The sheer selection of morphs can appear beautiful overwhelming in the beginning, however if you happen to learn on, you may simply to find the corn snake morph of your goals.

Let’s get started with the fundamentals – localities and morphs with particular person options. We’ll additionally deal with probably the most commonplace multi-trait morphs related to every of the characteristics which might be addressed.

Normal (Carolina, Classic, Wild Type)

© Ian Bradley

These grain snakes have the illusion of a wild corn snake that you’d to find in maximum in their local spaces – the southeastern United States.

Regular corn snakes are really easy to search out and the most affordable (non-) morph. Like the opposite in style localities and morphs, common corn snakes are to be had at an reasonably priced value of round $ 40 or extra.

Okeetee locality

Okeetee Corn Snake

Corn snakes within the okeetee part are recognized by way of crimson saddle markings, which might be indicated by way of pronounced black borders.

This position is known as after the South Carolina Okeetee Hunt Club, which they arrive from.

Many hobbyists imagine okeetee grain snakes as the overall same old for the species’ look as a result of their markings are conspicuous and simply preferred.

Thanks to their recognition as the perfect illustration of a corn snake, they’re the most typical position available on the market.

There are even two well-established Okeetee lines. Kathy Love’s okeetees are identified for his or her crisp, transparent patterns and hues, whilst Lee Abbott’s okeetees are identified for his or her thick black borders and intense colours.

Miami locality

Miami Corn Snake

Miami Corn Snakes got here from their homonymous town, Miami, and the encircling desolate tract in South Florida.

Their fundamental colour is gentle silver to grey, with brightly contrasting crimson or orange-colored saddles, which might be smaller compared to the spots in different spaces of the corn snake.

Finding a Miami-phase corn snake at a puppy retailer or reptile display is beautiful simple.

Interestingly, they produce higher clutches of smaller newborns than different varieties of grain snakes.

Key Locality (Rosy Ratsnake)

Rosy rat snake© FWC

These corn snakes have been in the beginning discovered on their islands of the similar title – the Keys of South Florida.

They will also be regarded as the naturally going on glance of hypomelanic grain snakes, together with significantly decreased black pigment, altered stomach controls, and a paler color of silver or orange.

The distinction is so dramatic that they have been as soon as labeled as their very own subspecies Pantherophis guttatus rosacea or Rosy Ratsnake.

Albino (Amelanist, Amel)

Albino Corn Snake

The technical, genetic time period for albino is amelanistic as a result of they lack melanin, which ends up in a black colour of their development.

Amelan corn snakes are more than a few sunglasses of crimson, orange, white, and yellow, together with their eyes.

Candycane corn snakes lift the amelanism gene and feature been selectively bred the usage of Miami-phase corn snakes and hybrids with Great Plains rat snakes.

Some multi-trait morphs created with albino corn snakes come with:

  • Auratum (Amel x Toffee),
  • Snowstorm (Amel x charcoal),
  • Butter (Amel x caramel),
  • Fire (Amel x Diffused),
  • Lavamel (Amel x Lava),
  • Mandarin (Amel x chestnut),
  • Opal (Amel x Lavender),
  • Orange (Amel x Buf),
  • Snow (Amel x Anery),
  • Avalanche (Amel x Anery x Diffused)

Finding a “easy” albino corn snake will also be tricky as different genetics are normally mixed with amelanism.

Anerythristic (Anery)

Anerythristic Ghost Corn Snake

Anerythristic grain snakes will also be considered as the other of Amelanistic grain snakes.

Instead of missing black pigment, they lack crimson pigment. These snakes have other sunglasses of white, grey, brown and black.

As with their albino opposite numbers, discovering an anerythristic corn snake with a trait will also be tricky, however they’re normally offered for an reasonably priced value.

The anerythristic trait is used within the following morphs (and lots of others!):

  • Spirit (Anery x Hypo),
  • Granite or pepper (Anery x Diffused),
  • Ice spirit or ice (Anery x Lava),
  • Snow (Anery x Amel) and
  • Avalanche (Anery x Amel x Diffused)


Aztec corn snake

This primary development mutation reasons a wild, damaged zigzag development in scattered spots, developing an overly dramatic look.

Corn snake breeders are these days closely centered at the Aztec morphs, combining them with lots of the colour morphs indexed on this article.


Palmetto Corn Snake

The palmetto mutation is without doubt one of the most well liked and crowd pleasing morphs available on the market.

It is the primary incomplete dominant trait, that means that snakes which might be heterozygous and lift one allele for the gene as a substitute of 2 glance other from common corn snakes or homozygous palmetto corn snakes, or corn snakes that each lift alleles for palmetto.

Heterozygous or het palmetto grain snakes glance similar to hypo-grain snakes, with lighter reds and oranges and decreased black pigment.

Palmetto grain snakes, which might be homozygous for the gene, are most commonly white and haven’t any development or colour, except for for sparse spots and blotches.

When this trait is mixed with any other morph, the spots take at the development and colour of another genetic morph that the snake carries.

You can be expecting to pay no less than $ 350 for a palmetto corn snake, despite the fact that it isn’t unusual for added genetic characteristics to power the associated fee above $ 900.


© u / manfulandtrustworthy

This conspicuous development mutation is the primary identified dominant mutation in corn snakes.

This offers the snake a skinny, dark-edged stripe at the again that squares the mottled development and presses it down at the animal’s facets.

The development has already been paired with many colour mutations, and corn snakes with the Tessera trait will also be bought for simply $ 75.


This strange genetic trait produced grain snakes with scattered white spots and freckles because the snake grows up.

Breeders now not centered in this mutation as it was once tricky to spot in younger animals, it was once expensive to boost the young children to look in the event that they have been if truth be told calico, and it ended in unattractive blisters beneath the white spaces that evolved .

Customers concept those corn snakes have been bad and didn’t wish to pay a big amount of cash for a cub that can or might not be calico.


Caramel Corn Snake© SkylineReptiles

Instead of vibrant reds and oranges, caramel corn snakes can thank impartial hues for his or her lovable glance, which is made up of browns, golds, yellows, and blacks.

While caramel grain snakes do not appear specifically commonplace, they’re a part of different multi-trait morphs like butter (caramel x amel), honey (caramel x sunkissed), and amber (caramel x hypo) and topaz (caramel x lava) .

Caramel grain snakes price round $ 50.


Charcoal Anery B Corn Snake© Johan van der Dussen and Niels Kamp

This is a genetically separated gene mutation, despite the fact that it seems to be similar to anerythristic grain snakes. It is often referred to as Pine Island Black Albino or Anerythristic B.

They are a bit of more difficult to search out. Still, the trait is utilized in extra commonplace morphs like …

  • Snowstorm (charcoal x Amel),
  • Diamond (charcoal x lava),
  • Tin (charcoal x diffuse) and
  • Phantom (charcoal x hypo).

Ashes (Ashy, Z)

Cinder Corn Snake© Johan van der Dussen and Niels Kamp

Cinderella corn snakes are very similar to anerythristic and charcoal snakes once they hatch, however as they mature they expand crimson undertones of their markings.

Oddly sufficient, additionally they have a tendency to have leaner frame compositions. At round $ 85 or extra, this morph is moderately costlier than conventional commonplace genetic permutations.


Diffuse corn snake

The diffuse development morph eliminates the stomach muscle groups and saddle development at the again of a corn snake.

The animal might glance standard or unusual as a cub, however its development will regularly fade because it reaches maturity. The result’s a uniformly crimson or orange corn snake with a company white stomach.

Bloodred is the title of a morph of selectively bred snakes with diffusion mutation and is thought to have weaker immune techniques because of the restricted gene pool.

The diffusion gene could also be used to create:

  • Fire (diffuse x Amel),
  • Granite or pepper (diffuse x anery),
  • Tin (diffuse x charcoal),
  • Plasma (diffuse x lavender) and
  • Avalanche (diffuse x Amel x Anery).

Blood crimson grain snakes in most cases price round $ 80 and are handiest moderately costlier than common grain snakes.


Dilute Anery Corn Snake© Susan Willis

The diluted genetics result in a noticeable fading of the snake colours, making it appear love it is at all times within the shed.

This is without doubt one of the more moderen genetic mutations that seem in corn snakes.

Corn snakes that handiest lift the diluted mutation normally do not price a lot more than standard ones, however this gene is normally paired with further genetic mutations like anery, charcoal, and diffusion.

Hypomelanistic (Hypo)

Hypomelanistic corn snake

Hypomelanism is without doubt one of the maximum commonplace colour adjustments in just about each species of snake. This mutation merely reduces the black pigment within the snake’s development.

Hypo-grain snakes can range from standard to nearly albino. T.

The Hypo gene is used to create in style morphs like Phantom (Hypo x Charcoal), Amber (Hypo x Caramel), and Ghost (Hypo x Anery).

Hypomelanistic grain snakes are very reasonably priced and price about the similar as a normal animal.

Chestnut (chestnut)

Chestnut Corn Snake© Cornsnake Paradise

Chestnut is any other of the more moderen genetic permutations that experience proven up in captivity.

Hatchlings are uninteresting browns and grays which might be virtually anerythristic, however their colour fills in as they mature.

Adult chestnut corn snakes by no means seem as vibrant as standard corn snakes. Since this can be a quite new morph, those little guys promote for round $ 90 and up.

They are extensively utilized to create multi-trait morphs similar to mandarin (chestnut x amel) and persimmon (chestnut x lava).


Lava Corn Snake© Johan van der Dussen and Niels Kamp

The lava morph seems to be similar to the hypomelanistic morph, however is a distinct gene.

Where a hypomelanistic corn snake in most cases displays a minimum quantity of black pigment, lava corn snakes seem to have a small quantity of grayish-purple as a substitute.

Corn snakes that handiest lift the lava gene are beautiful reasonably priced, however they’re extensively utilized to make extra high-end morphs like Diamond (Lava x Charcoal), Ice Spirit or Ice (Lava x Anery), Lavamel (Lava x Amel) To produce persimmon (lava x chestnut) and topaz (lava x caramel).


Lavender Grain Snakes

Lavender is a well-liked new colour morph in corn snakes.

For younger animals that seem uninteresting and grey, look will also be misleading. As those snakes mature, they expand a showy faded lavender hue with silver flecks.

Lavender snakes are to be had for simply $ 50, however this mutation is frequently mixed with different characteristics to make high-end morphs like opal (lavender x amel), orchid (lavender x sunkissed), and plasma (lavender x diffuse).


The microscale gene mutation ends up in the animal’s scales being smaller than same old, developing gaps between the scales and giving the animal a fully other texture than its same old opposite numbers.

This morph is uncommon and frequently prices greater than $ 150.


Amel Motley Corn Snake

The colourful morph reasons the corn snake’s development to opposite, developing stripes, strains, and a ladder-like design. The trademarked stomach development could also be lacking.

This is the most typical development morph in corn snakes and is normally mixed with different colour morphs.

Due to its incidence, in a different way standard brightly coloured grain snakes will also be purchased slightly cost effectively – for handiest $ 30.

Red coat

Red Coat Corn Snake

This easy mutation amplifies the crimson pigment in a corn snake.

It can both create darker, deeper sunglasses of crimson, or it might create darker edges on snakes with no crimson pigment like anery corn snakes.

This morph is so commonplace that many growers and dealers can not distinguish it from the okeetee locality and the diffuse or blood crimson morph.


Scaly corn snake© Phoenix Cry

Unlike their namesake, scaly corn snakes are not fully scaly.

All of them have stomach flakes, however on best of that, they are able to range from completely no again flakes to nearly all again flakes with a couple of spots lacking.

Above the snake’s lips and alongside its backbone are the most typical puts the place they retain their scales.

The loss of scales complements the colour and development of a few morphs, so this selection is normally mixed with different morphs.

This is an overly sought-after morph, and specimens can hardly ever be bought for not up to $ 450.

In aggregate with more than a few characteristics similar to tessera or butter, scaleless morphs are arguably the most costly corn snakes.

These advanced morphs can simply price over $ 1,000.


Snow grain snake

Strawberry-grain snakes are very similar to hypomelanistic animals, however with larger distinction and intense reds.

This trait was once just lately discovered to be other from Hypo. As a consequence, strawberry genes are already broadly to be had in captivity and will also be bought for as low as $ 40.


Striped corn snake

The striped characteristic is a variant of the development that results in 3 to 4 longitudinal strains alongside the frame of the corn snake and to not spots.

Other variants of the stripe development will also be known as cube corn snakes or chaos corn snakes.

Similar to the Motley gene, the ventral development “Flint Corn” could also be lacking. This development characteristic is normally mixed with different colour morphs, leading to a large value vary.

Sun kissed

Sunkissed Corn Snake© Johan van der Dussen and Niels Kamp

The sunkissed morph is every so often known as hypomelanistic B. It is largely a hypomelanistic okeetee corn snake.

There is normally no option to inform it aside from an ordinary hypomelanistic or hypomelanistic A-corn snake.

These flashy snakes price kind of the same quantity as standard or different commonplace morphs, or you’ll be able to go for a morph that has further characteristics like hazel (sunkissed x toffee), honey (sunkissed x caramel), orchid (sunkissed x lavender), or sun (Sunkissed x Sunrise).


Sunrise Corn Snakes© HGHjim

This distinctive look is handiest visually noticeable when amelanistic corn snakes and every so often anerythristic corn snakes hatch.

The new child has just a minimum crimson tint, so Amels appear to be snow (most commonly purple, tan and yellow tones) and normals are very darkish – virtually like Anery.

As the snake grows and sheds, the crimson pigment seems and fades into a lifeless or white mottled look.

This morph continues to be slightly uncommon and breeders have not experimented with it a lot.

So a ways the morphs Solar (Sunrise x Sunkissed) and Aurora (Sunrise x Ultramel) have been selectively bred with the Sunrise gene.


Terrazzo is any other development mutation and continues to be unusual on the planet of corn snake morph breeding.

It offers a novel, grainy striped to nearly patternless glance. Their bellies don’t seem to be checked.

The gene comes from Keys locale corn snakes, in order that many terrazzo corn snakes have the related hypomelanistic colours.

These aberrant beauties in most cases have a price ticket of $ 150 or extra.


Aurora Corn Snake© Steve Roylance

Ultra- or ultra-hypo-grain snakes glance so much like hypomelanistic grain snakes, every so often slightly lighter.

In distinction to hypomelanism, the extremely gene can coincide with amelanism, which is referred to as ultramel. Ultra and Ultramel grain snakes get started at round $ 60.

A well-liked morph that makes use of the Ultra or Ultramel trait is Aurora (Ultramel x Sunrise).


This characteristic handiest impacts the pinnacle and abdomen development.

It pushes the stomach development outward into the perimeters of the stomach scales, making a patternless white stripe within the middle of the stomach.

It additionally reduces the design at the snake’s head. Not many corn snake breeders are in particular operating in this morph, however since it is a dominant genetic trait, it is nonetheless quite commonplace.


Toffee Corn Snake

This new mutation was once first found out in European maize snake collections.

It isn’t identified if this is similar genetic variation as Buf, any other European morph. Toffee and Buf corn snakes are nonetheless somewhat uncommon in the United States marketplace.

These corn snakes glance very similar to caramel, however with a discounted colour.

Grain snakes believed to hold the toffee mutation are used to make grain snakes from Auratum (Toffee x Amel) and Hazel (Toffee x Sunkissed).

Corn snakes, alternatively, believed to hold the Buf gene, contributed to the orange (Buf x Amel) morph.

How many Corn Snake Morphs are there?

When it involves quantifying the selection of Corn Snake Morphs these days in life, the sky will also be the prohibit too.

as well as, New genetic mixtures and mutations seem annually. To actually perceive corn snake morphs, a fundamental working out of genetics is needed.

The 4 commonplace wild-type patterns are named for his or her place of birth, and there also are over 25 morphs with a trait.

In addition, there are mixtures of 2, 3, 4, 5, or even six gene mutations to create masses of different morphs.

One or extra of those options may also be mixed with localities, which in flip creates further morphs.

After all, each genetic trait has two alleles. Most morphs are recessive, because of this that each alleles of a gene should lift the mutation for the snake to turn the trait. Some morphs are dominant, because of this that the gene handiest must have one allele.

Meanwhile, incomplete dominant characteristics like palmetto produce two other phenotypes (appearances) relying on whether or not the snake carries one or each alleles for the mutation.

To stay up the complexity of the corn snake morph global, there also are hybrids.

Great Plains rat snakes (Pantherophis emoryi) bred the corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus) with other morphs to supply other permutations of what’s referred to as the creamsicle corn snake.

Corn snakes too can breed with California king snakes (Lampropeltis californiae) to supply jungle corn snakes, species of Pituophis to supply turbo corn snakes, Brooks king snakes (Lampropeltis getula brooksi) to supply Brook corn corn snakes, and more than a few varieties of milk snakes referred to as Pueblacorns, Corndurans, Sinacorns, and extra.

All of those hybrids have even been discovered to be fertile.

Pack Corn Snake Morphs

Unfortunately, it’s past the scope of a unmarried article to hide the genetics, phenotype (look), and interactions of any multi-trait corn snake morph.

Many of those morphs have easy, mixed names, like Amel Cinder for the combo of Amelanic and Cinder genetics.

On the opposite hand, some advanced morphs with as much as 5 characteristics have distinctive names – for instance, the quartz corn snake combines amelanistic, anerythristic, charcoal, and diffuse genes.

Now that you’ve a fundamental working out of the main single-trait morphs, you’ll be able to higher navigate the dazzling and immeasurable global of the corn snake’s advanced morphs.

Although any two morphs might appear to be utterly other species, the care taken between those strange specimens stays constant. You would not have to fret {that a} hypomel corn snake wishes decrease humidity or a sunken corn snake wishes upper temperatures.

Surprisingly, there are not any confirmed variations in well being or lifespan with this genetic variation.

With that working out, you’ll be able to actually make a choice which corn snake morph appeals to you maximum in response to its look, price, forte, or ease of discovering one at your native puppy retailer.

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