18 Akita Inu Mixes – Popular Akita Cross Breeds (With Pictures)

While purebred Akita Inu canine is also nice for some, there are many good-looking Akita mixes that deliver in combination the most productive characteristics of 2 breeds right into a unmarried better half. We’ve put in combination an inventory of one of the maximum notable Akita Inu hybrids.

#1 Huskita: Akita and Siberian Husky.

#2 Akita Chow: Akita and Chow Chow.

#3 Shepkita: Akita and German Shepherd.

#4 Akipoo: Akita and Poodle.

#5 Akita Newfoundland: Akita and Newfoundland.

#6 Dalmakita: Akita and Dalmatian.

#7 Golden Akita: Akita and Golden Retriever.

#8 Boxita: Akita and Boxer.

#9 Labrakita: Akita and Lab.

#10 Aussiekita:Akita and Australian Shepherd.

#11 Akita Pit: Akita and American Pit Bull Terrier.

#12 Corgita: Akita and Corgi.

#13 Bullkita: Akita and American Bulldog.

#14 Akita Mastiff: Akita and Mastiff.

#15 Akita Collie: Akita and Border Collie.

#16 Samkita: Akita and Samoyed.

#17 Saintkita: Akita and Saint Bernard.

#18 Akitabern: Akita and Bernese Mountain Dog.

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