10 Beginner Friendly Pet Snakes That Stay Small Forever (With Pictures)

When a normal particular person imagines a puppy snake, they’re most likely imagining a ginormous Burmese python or a reticulated python. Maybe even a scope Ball python (opens in a brand new tab) or perhaps a lengthy corn snake.

This generally is a nightmare for people who find themselves simplest scared of snakes. However, in actual fact that Not all snakes which are saved as pets are larger than lifestyles …

Snakes that keep small are an EXCELLENT position to start out in case you are slightly scared that may cling you again. They also are a great heart floor if you happen to are living with a relative or roommate who has performed so Ophidiophobia.

After all, it is exhausting to be scared of a lovely little man that matches to your palm! Of path there are extra benefits than the “lovely and non-threatening” issue of small puppy snakes …

Here are another the reason why a small snake could be best for you:

  • Inexpensive. The worth of the particular snake could be very other, however you in most cases spend much less cash at the enclosure, decorations, skins, substrate, heating parts and animal feed.
  • Insignificant chew. Anything with a mouth and tooth can chew, and whilst these types of snakes are in most cases docile, none of them may cause a major wound. The worst state of affairs is a bit love chew!
  • Practically no possibility of damage. These little pythons are not able to power an individual to die. Even with essentially the most docile large snakes, a keeper dangers pulling a muscle whilst dealing with his 150-pound snake, however those little boys are not likely to do this.

As with all issues in lifestyles, there are sure AND unfavourable facets …

So you’ll want to’ve thought to be those “drawbacks” prior to opting for a small snake:

  • Health considerations. Posture issues of the temperature and humidity of the enclosure can impact a small snake greater than a big one, and it may be tougher to spot signs reminiscent of mucus or retained dandruff. Their tiny our bodies also are susceptible to unintentional accidents. That is why small species aren’t the most efficient applicants for babies.
  • Disappearing acts. Small snakes break out small openings. Finding an escaped ball python in your house is already a problem. Imagine looking for a snake sufficiently small to slot in almost any opening in your home.
  • Specialized care. Many varieties of small snakes can require distinctive care and diet. We’ll check out to concentrate on guys who do not rely on extremely specialised attitudes.

Now that we have now regarded on the common benefits and drawbacks of proudly owning a small snake, let’s take a more in-depth have a look at particular person species!

Please additionally notice that every one knowledge indexed pertains to the care of the animal after it has reached its grownup measurement.

Little Snake No. 1: Rosy Boa (Charina trivirgata or Lichanura trivirgata)

measurement 43-112 cm (17-44 inches), heavy frame
Minimum housing 20 gallon aquarium or similar
vitamin 1 grownup mouse each 7-10 days
temperature 21-24 ° C (70-75 ° F) at the cool facet
29-30 ° C (84-86 ° F) at the scorching facet
humidity <50%
lifespan 25+ years
reasonable worth $ 99 +

These gorgeous little boas have a distinct position in my center and I lately personal two of them myself.

Their Latin identify “trivirgata” method “3 stripes” for the 3 orange, brown or black stripes that run throughout their our bodies. Your The colour varies very much relying at the location of the person.

These wilderness snakes are local to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.

They are a slightly powerful sort. Their small measurement, calm nature and enthusiastic feeding reaction lead them to a tight newbie.

One of the most typical errors in protecting is that the humidity of their housing will get too prime, which may end up in breathing and fungal illnesses.

As such it’s most well-liked substrate are aspen chips, which is able to lend a hand stay the humidity down.

They additionally love to climb and dig.

Rose boas are an simply to be had species in captivity with many naturally happening, site-specific colours. There also are some morphs to be had.

Little Snake No. 2: Western Hognose (Heterodon nasicus)

Western hognose

measurement 38-91 cm (15-36 inches), heavy frame
Minimum housing 20 gallon aquarium or similar
vitamin 1 grownup mouse each 7-14 days
temperature 24-27 ° C (75-80 ° F) at the cool facet
29-32 ° C (85-90 ° F) at the scorching facet
humidity <50%
lifespan ~ 20 years
reasonable worth $ 300 +

Several viral movies have proven their a laugh defensive conduct, together with hiding like a cobra and enjoying useless. However, it will have to be famous that they hardly chew.

This small species comes from america and her identify comes from the inverted scale on her podium (nostril), which provides them the lovely “boop-ready” and pig-like glance.

This species loves to spend its time on and underneath the bottom, so the peak of the enclosure isn’t completely essential. Aspen is a superb substrate selection This permits your hognose to dig in in your center’s content material.

This type after all eats toads and different amphibians out of doors of captivity. They also have a distinctive teeth this is used to “pop” toads that inflate as a protection mechanism.

Because in their herbal vitamin, Getting newborns (small children) to mice may also be tricky. However, once they begin with little hands, they enthusiastically consume rodents.

Western hognose snakes are changing into more and more common as petsand they’re readily to be had in captivity and there are a number of morphs.

Little Snake No. 3: Kenyan Sand Boa (Gongylophis colubrinus)

Kenyan sand boa

measurement 38-81 cm (15-32 inches), heavy frame
Minimum housing 10 gallon aquarium or similar
vitamin 1 funnel or grownup mouse each 7-28 days
temperature 26-27 ° C (78-80 ° F) at the cool facet
32-35 ° C (90-95 ° F) at the scorching facet
humidity 30%
lifespan 25+ years
reasonable worth $ 99 +

Kenyan sand boas come from North Africa. As the identify signifies, They spend maximum in their time within the sand.

For this explanation why, Decorations may also be diminished to a minimal. In reality, cumbersome decorations may just even overwhelm the snake if it burrows underneath them.

Any substrate they are able to burrow into works – calcium or sand, aspen, and coconut mulch are some common choices, relying in your cleansing and look personal tastes.

Kenyan sand boas simply consume mice and have a docile temperament. Even individuals who aren’t used to dealing with in most cases attempt to squirm as a substitute of biting.

Thanks to their simple repairs and their horny trend, they’re simply to be had in captivity. There also are a number of colour morphs to make a choice from.

Little snake No. 4: milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum)

Milk snake

measurement 36-213 cm (14-84 inches), proportional frame composition
Minimum housing 20 gallon aquarium or similar (or better for tall people)
vitamin 1-2 huge grownup mice each 7-14 days
temperature 23-26 ° C (72-78 ° F) at the cool facet
29-32 ° C (85-89 ° F) at the scorching facet
humidity 40-60%
lifespan 15+ years
reasonable worth $ 99 +

Milk snakes are a small form of royal snake which are endemic to many portions of North, South and Central America. Twenty-four subspecies are lately known.

your The measurement of an grownup can vary from lower than two ft to 6 ft, relying at the subspeciesSo you’ll want to do your analysis when in search of a smaller particular person. The New Mexico Milk Snake is without doubt one of the smallest species and is round eighteen inches.

This type has been in popular captivity because the 1970s because of its ease of care and shocking colours.

Their pink, black, and white or yellow ribbons are mentioned to imitate the venomous coral snake to chase away doable predators.

In addition to the twenty-four to be had subspecies, There also are dozens of genetic morphs to make a choice from. Thanks to the variability, there’ll for sure be a milk snake that appeals to everybody!

Each subspecies calls for other care. If you select this sort, you will have to do further analysis.

Little Snake No. 5: Gummiboa (Charina bottomae)


measurement 38-84 cm (15-33 inches), heavy frame
Minimum housing 10 gallon aquarium or similar
vitamin 2-3 + pinkies or fuzzies as permitted *
temperature 21-23 ° C (70-74 ° F) at the cool facet
26-28 ° C (78-82 ° F) at the scorching facet
humidity <50%
lifespan 25+ years
reasonable worth $ 250 +

The rubber boa comes from the western United States. They are living within the coldest surroundings for all boa species and may even digest foods at temperatures as much as the 1960s.

Many new child (new child) gummy boas don’t consume within the first twelve to eighteen months in their lives, and maximum adults consume just a few months a yr. It is essential to not tension this since then The species is constructed to live on lengthy sessions of fasting.

Gummiboas wish to consume a number of younger child mice, which might be offered as “pinkies” or “fuzzies”. Feed them as many little mice as they are going to consume as a result of they don’t consume incessantly.

It can lend a hand conceal the prey underneath quilt to advertise the herbal pursuit and searching instincts of the gummiboa.

Perhaps as a result of their monotonous colour, they had been by no means allotted within the puppy industry. They are slightly commonplace within the wild, such a lot of individuals are fortunate sufficient to shop for a wildly stuck particular person.

There are just a handful of captive gum natural breeders, and their ready lists may also be lengthy.

Little Snake No. 6: Sunbeam Snake (Xenopeltis unicolor)

Sunbeam snake

measurement 91-122 cm (36-48 inches), proportional frame composition
Minimum housing 40 gallon aquarium or similar
vitamin 2-Three fuzzy mice each 7 days *
temperature 21-24 ° C (70-75 ° F) at the cool facet
26-29 ° C (80-85 ° F) at the scorching facet
humidity 80-100%
lifespan 9+ years
reasonable worth $ 50 +

The primitive sunbeam snake comes from Southeast Asia and a few areas of Indonesia. They spend maximum in their time underground.

Because of this they aren’t very tolerant of widespread dealing with and may also be tricky to look at in its housing.

Still, This species hardly bitesand its dazzling black scales are a significant appeal for lots of hobbyists.

It may also be tricky to change to a rodent vitamin. They wish to consume amphibians and different small reptiless. Even in the event that they settle for mice, as a result of the snake’s slim jaw construction, you will need to stick with younger feeders.

Hunger moves brought about by way of tension also are commonplace.

A humidity of 90-100% is perfect for this sort, with 75% being the naked minimal. Coconut fiber substrate helps to keep the moisture really well and permits the snakes to dig to their center’s content material.

Despite those perspective demanding situations The rainbow-like shine in their scales and the fabulous temperament draw in many snake keepers.

Captive breeding is hard, so maximum specimens had been accrued at the native marketplace.

Little Snake No. 7: Viper Boa (Candoia aspera)

Viper boa

measurement 61-91 cm (24-36 inches), heavy frame
Minimum housing 10 gallon aquarium or similar
vitamin 1 fuzzy rat each 14 days
temperature 25-28 ° C (77-82 ° F) at the cool facet
29-32 ° C (85-89 ° F) at the scorching facet
humidity 70-80%
lifespan 10-20 years
reasonable worth $ 200 +

The Viper Boa, often referred to as New Guinea Ground Boa, is a small form of boid this is local to New Guinea.

Its commonplace identify comes from the viper-like look of its coloring and head form and even perhaps its quite defensive nature.

Your most well-liked habitats within the wild are due to this fact very humid It is essential to stay the humidity to your enclosure prime. Even a water bowl sufficiently big to swim or relaxation is usually a valued supply of enrichment on your Viper Boa.

They do not love to climb, so the ground floor is essentially the most important side for this sort.

Viper Boas love to dig Make certain there’s a minimum of two to 3 inches of substrate this is simple to scrub and retail outlets moisture to handle prime humidity.

To be any other amphibian and reptile eater by way of nature those snakes may also be tricky to handle rodents.

As with another species, rubbing the odor of your favourite prey at the mouse you need to feed can lend a hand.

This type has just lately misplaced reputation as a puppy because of higher import restrictions. However, because of captive breeding techniques, they appear to be coming round again.

However, it will have to be famous that it may be tricky to get wild captives acquainted with captivity.

Little Snake No. 8: Children’s Python (Antaresia childreni)


measurement 91-122 cm (36-48 inches), proportional frame composition
Minimum housing 20 gallon aquarium or similar
vitamin 1 huge grownup mouse or 1 small rat each 7-14 days
temperature 26-27 ° C (78-80 ° F) at the cool facet 31-32 ° C (88-90 ° F) at the scorching facet
humidity ~ 50%
lifespan 20-30 years
reasonable worth $ 125 +

Don’t be fooled by way of the image above … kids’s pythons, even though they is also slightly better in comparison to the opposite snakes on our record. make an out of this world newbie taste. They are situated within the northern part of Australia.

This sort is best for any individual who’s hooked in to pythons however does no longer need to take at the possibility and duty of a Burmese Goliath python or perhaps a 5 foot lengthy stocky python.

So they’re normally a terrestrial species Housing space is a very powerfulhowever they are going to climb in the event that they get a possibility. Provide them with more than a few ornament choices the place they are able to conceal and discover as they’re very energetic and curious snakes.

They in most cases settle for rodents with few issues, then again You could have to sniff little hands with anoles to hatch kids’s pythons.

This species is a popular puppy because of its pleasant nature, small measurement and simple care, making it simply to be had from captive breeders.

Little Snake No. 9: Indonesian Tree Boa (Candoia carinata)

Indonesian tree boa

measurement 38-61 cm (15-24 inches), narrow frame
Minimum housing 10 gallon aquarium or similar
vitamin 1-Three pinky mice or 1-Three anoles / geckos each 5-7 days
temperature 26-28 ° C (78-82 ° F) at the cool facet
29-30 ° C (84-85 ° F) at the scorching facet
humidity 50-80%
lifespan 10-15 + years
reasonable worth $ 60 +

This small, semi-arboreal species comes from Indonesia, New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago. Despite her identify Indonesian tree boas are in most cases discovered at the floor or in low-lying shrubs.

It Finding dependable posture knowledge may also be tricky of this sort. It is assumed, then again, that many facets of her cousin’s perspective, the viper boa, are identical.

Most other people don’t settle for rodents as a meals supply They need to be fed with as it should be huge frogs and lizards.

Your enclosure will have to comprise branches for mountain climbing, skins or blankets close to the bottom, and a big water bowl for soaking.

Despite the lack of understanding and details about their captivity, this species is It is assumed to be tougher and more uncomplicated to handle than the opposite better tree boa species.

Most specimens in captivity are stuck wild.

Little snake no.10: African area snake (Lamprophis fuliginosus)

African house snake

measurement 61-150 cm (24-59 inches), proportional frame composition
Minimum housing 20 gallon aquarium or similar
vitamin 1-2 huge grownup mice each 7-14 days
temperature 21 ° C at the cool facet
32 ° C at the scorching facet
humidity 40-60%
lifespan 20+ years
reasonable worth $ 50 +

As the identify suggests, African area snakes may also be present in Africa. They are well liked by snake keepers because of their small measurement, insatiable urge for food, and hardiness.

they will have to You all the time have get right of entry to to a water bowl this is sufficiently big to soak in to lend a hand with dandruff. It is essential to not are living in combination as this species is understood to cannibalize. If you’ve a male and a feminine, they breed like rabbits.

African area snakes are so avid feeders that They generally tend to take one facet of the substrate along side their primary paththat may reason infections and digestive issues, so They will have to be fed in a separate, empty housing.

They were common and captive for a while Because in their occurrence, it may be simple to get a captive-bred snake.

There also are a number of colour morphs to make a choice from.

Which of those snakes that keep small fits YOU?

I am hoping those transient introductions to one of the smaller snake sorts have helped you are making your best option on your scenario.

No topic in case you are in search of one thing distinctive or commonplace, fossil or tree-like, plain-colored or placing, there’s indubitably a great small snake sort for everybody.

But phrase to the sensible, ALWAYS arrange your puppy snake enclosure prior to taking it housee. Trust me after I say the very last thing you need to take care of is a brand new puppy that can’t thrive because of flawed tank settings.

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